This is how this real estate agent made $ 108k on TikTok in 2021 (so far)



Many would say that TEC So it’s just child’s play. If you’re looking to get over $ 108,000 in five months directly from a kid’s play on TikTok, then sign up. When Glenda Baker Eager to use more videos in her marketing and outreach activities, she had no idea how TikTok would impact her business.

While others ditched TikTok, Baker saw an opportunity expand your brand sharing real estate tips on the platform. In just a few weeks, she has amassed over 7 million views of her content. Perhaps more importantly, she generated over $ 108,000 in gross commission income (GCI) in the first five months of 2021.

Baker has shared the following instructions for other agents looking to create their own TikTok content.

Decide on your style

Baker hired a professional videographer for her content – although anyone can shoot TikTok videos on their mobile phone – because she was looking for a distinct style in her videos. She signed him to a contract and pointed him to another brand whose style she wanted to emulate.

The Baker team shoots a video once a month at their home and they define the themes for TikTok. LinkedIn, as well as Instagram as well as general marketing videos.

But you don’t have to hire a professional videographer. You can create great video content using your smartphone. Choose your style and start posting.

Create content ideas

Baker collects content ideas in his notes and then shares them with his videographer for a month. On the day of filming, the two start by outlining the topics they are going to turn to and then letting ideas flow from there, depending on how the day goes.

“Sometimes I burn, and I’m a little piquant or cocky, and these days we focus on storytelling,” Baker said. “On the days when I’m buttoned up a bit, we focus on educating people about how to buy a house, how to sell a house, things to look for from a real estate agent, or things to help you sell your home. that you are not told about.

One of the most successful videos was Baker’s story of how he earned a commission of $ 137,000 in 1995 and decided to buy a Mercedes and new clothes instead of investing in a townhouse. The $ 100,000 townhouse she could have bought in 1995 sold for $ 1 million, the Mercedes is worthless, and the clothes don’t fit anymore.

The takeaway for the audience was not to waste money and understand how the value of real estate is growing. Transparency and authenticity are the keys to being successful on TikTok or any other social media platform.

To begin

If you’re uncomfortable watching the video, Baker has some tips on where to get her started.

Start by airing first. Baker started with Facebook Live because the public already knows, loves and trusts her. Start your endeavors wherever most of your contemporaries are, because there you will receive the least amount of hatred and it will be a much safer place.

“If you start with recorded videos, you are more likely to reshoot every time your hair doesn’t look quite right or your words don’t sound perfect,” Baker said. “You will never finish this. If you are shooting live video, people love the instant nature of the content and will respond well to authenticity. “

Baker recalls that when she filmed the first few videos, it wasn’t natural to speak directly into the camera because she was doing well in conversation, so she developed a conversation format with the light as she broadcasts her content.

“So I tell stories to Sam, the light, and sometimes he gets tickled and he tries not to laugh because he doesn’t want to ruin the video, but it fuels the energy of the room.”

Decide when to post

Baker started her project on TikTok, posting every time she got the mood or when she remembered to post something, but her posts weren’t getting much success. One night, she uploaded the video at 10:30 pm and it garnered about 100,000 views. The next morning, she wrote at about 6:30 am and had nearly 700,000 views.

When one of her videos reached 2 million views, she decided to publish it every single day from 6 to 7 in the morning.

Replace pictures video

Baker’s advice to agents who want start using video is to shoot everything on video, not just post photos.

Document everything. And if you think you are not interested, think about what happens in real estate every day and make videos about it. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera, show them what you are doing behind the scenes – people love to know what’s going on in real estate.

Just throw it all away and be yourself. People will love you or not. Why not get rid of the trash early? You don’t need to be fake, because at some point the audience will understand. And they’ll decide they don’t like you, and you’ve already wasted all this time.

Measure TikTok results

Baker’s first video focused on how few people live in the house and quickly garnered about 2 million views and her subscribers increased by about 50,000. A later video received nearly 7 million views, 43,000 shares, and 32,000 comments.

Some of these comments came from people moving to Atlanta wanting Baker to be their agent because they saw her content. Customers sent her direct messages asking her to meet with an offer to host their homes or help them buy homes, so TikTok videos directly turned into a new business.

In one week, she had two meetings with a listing in the million dollar price range due to a video on TikTok.

What’s funny is that during both of these meetings, it was the children who told their parents, “Hi, I found this real estate agent on TikTok. You have to talk to her, ”Baker said.

Since April 14, she has increased her followers from 50,000 to 300,000 using TikTok.


If you’re not already using video to expand the reach and growth of your real estate business, now is the time. Following this plan from Baker, create your first live video today – and start connecting with people who know you, love you, and trust you.

When you do this, you will find new followers, forge new relationships, and form new leads that will ultimately lead to more sales.

You can find Glenda Baker on TikTok here

Jimmy Burgess is director of development at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties in Florida in Northwest Florida. Contact him at Facebook or Instagram


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