This expansive Sonoma estate for sale wants a bitcoin offer



Crypto Homes – A Growing Real Estate Trend In The Bay Area

Homes in Santa Rosa with large areas with pools are not entirely unique in North Bay real estate, but when a buyer can pay for them in Bitcoin, things get more interesting.

Real estate at 2600 Warrington Road in Santa Rosa offers over 17 acres. It includes a custom built main house with a wine cellar, summer kitchen and swimming pool, as well as a separate fully equipped one-bedroom cottage with a study.

Listing agent Lisa Thomas told SFGATE that the decision to offer the house for $ 3.3 million in cash or bitcoin was made by the seller. “Our client is very well versed in bitcoin,” she said. “We had to search all over the place to find an escrow and a title company that could handle this, but they are starting to move with the times.”

Indeed, the idea of ​​“cashless” transactions, in which cryptocurrency trades with hands rather than US dollars, is becoming increasingly popular in the Bay Area. has just published a list of houses for sale that are allowed to use cryptocurrency. including a house in San Francisco. It is also a nationwide trend that is being noticed and supported by major internet mortgage companies such as Rocket Mortgage. where buyers can learn how to buy houses with cryptocurrency.

Thomas said that as of today, she is unaware of other cryptocurrency transactions in Sonoma County, but expects that to change. “I think we will see much more [these transactions]Thomas said. – Those who own digital currency need the liquidity that real estate provides.


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