This company wants to let you pay your mortgage with cryptocurrency.



Consolidated wholesale mortgage (UWMC) is working to enable clients to make monthly mortgage payments using cryptocurrency, ready to join organizations as diverse as Square, AMC and Dallas Mavericks.

UWM CEO Matt Ishbia told Yahoo Finance Live to stay innovative and follow customer trends.

“We do a lot of things in technology that people don’t understand because they think mortgages are old and sleepy,” he said. “Everyone loves doing what they’ve always done. We think about what is best. ” Almost a million consumers pay UWM every month. We have many consumers who have a lot of cryptocurrency. They would like to be able to convey it – how do we do it? ”

Ishbia came up with an idea at a recent conference call with income, informing analysts that UWM is committed to providing customers with the ability to pay for cryptocurrency in the third quarter.

“Acceptance” is a buzzword often referred to as crypto bulls as the key to price hikes, a virtuous circle of sorts in which more companies are accepting bitcoin as payment, which raises prices and property and convinces other companies to join. refer to financial institutions promoting cryptocurrency investments.

Companies dealing with cryptocurrency or holding it on the balance sheet are facing problems. Square said in early August that Impairment loss of $ 65 million due to the fall in the value of his bitcoin holdings. Price volatility is one of the reasons other companies are avoiding it, and Ishbia said he has no plans to hold onto the cryptocurrency that UWM can collect.

“We are not looking to become a cryptocurrency investor. We want to provide access to our customers, so we will convert it into cash and figure out how to do it in the most appropriate way at the time, ”he said.

Bitcoin prices bounced holding over $ 45,000 over the past month, which some analysts see is a key technical level. This is still far from the April high of $ 60,000.

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