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DENVER, Jul 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – WemloSM offers an efficient and top-notch loan processing experience for mortgage brokers. Wemlo is the first third-party mortgage processing solution with a universal digital platform, allowing mortgage providers to follow every step of the process while a dedicated team of processors do the hard work. The award-winning wemlo technology, created by mortgage brokers for mortgage brokers, provides secure borrower portal and unique brokerage panel.

Designed for mortgage brokers, wemlo’s award-winning technology includes a secure borrower portal and brokerage control panel.

This dashboard allows mortgage loan creators to access borrower information, see the status of any loans, upload documents, and more – all with just a few clicks, making the entire processing process easier. “The wemlo dashboard is extremely user-friendly and clearly demonstrates the entire lending process,” says Marcy Downey, a mortgage source at Motto Mortgage Signature Plus in Florida

The platform is complemented by a highly trained team of loan processors who follow the details and streamline the process, thereby helping mortgage providers close loans faster and freeing them up more time to start new businesses.

Team Wemlo the processors act as an extension of the office for mortgage brokers across the country. Bill Mullan, but Pennsylvaniamortgage loan maker, submits about 90% of its loan files to wemlo for processing. “They are very effective at making sure everything stays as planned and keeping me informed. I got to know them as individuals, and these are the people I enjoy working with. “

As with any effective remote team, transparent and thoughtful communication is the key to successful results. The weekly Wemlo assembly line meetings were incredibly helpful for Annette Beckwith, Vice President of Operations East Shore Mortgage Services, LLC in St. Connecticut… “I think the communication was phenomenal. We have not had a single situation where a question was not answered or an email was not answered in a timely manner. “

The right mortgage lending technology platform easily manages demand, enables automation, makes communication easier, and maintains your referral network. “Wemlo is extremely effective, which makes it convenient for everyone involved,” Downey added. If borrowers feel cared for, they are more likely to leave positive reviews, come back for future services, and recommend the mortgage maker’s business to their friends.

To find out more about how Wemlo can help mortgage brokers and lenders operate more efficiently, look 60 second manual or book 30 minute demo today.

Wemlo,SM NMLS # 1853218 is a mortgage loan processing technology startup that is changing the mortgage broker channel. The company developed the first mortgage broker service combining third-party loan processing with a universal digital platform. Its product is sold to mortgage brokers and lenders across the country. Wemlo is a subsidiary of RE / MAX Holdings, which includes RE / MAX®, one of the world’s leading real estate brokerage franchisors, and Mortgage Motto®, the first national franchise mortgage broker brand in the United States.

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