The Women of Compass Real Estate: Heather Guild Group



WWhen you work with the Heather Guild Group, you are not working with one agent, but with six. “We support each other fiercely; we enjoy each other’s successes, ”says Heather Guild.

With over 50 years of collective real estate experience, they send new and old friends home through connections with neighbors, flexible thinking, and decisive execution. And when the unforeseen arises, there is no one to solve the issue alone. One night, it might be a midnight drive to a client’s house to get knee-deep into the water to fire up the sump. Next time, they may show up as a group to quickly bring the house to market.

No problem bothers this team. The heather guild group supports you – and your backyard:

Heather Guild, Valerie Cadell, Jennifer Rice, Amy Sack, Kelly Taylor and Hayley Wagstaff.; 972-755-9085.


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