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On June 25, Aria Lurie acquired a 20 percent stake in Moshup Trail in Aquinas from Andrew S. Dintenfass and Anne Viviane Dintenfass for $ 350,000.

Darren J. Friedman and Lisa N. Rappaport purchased property on Tar Barrel Road in Aquinna from Tar Barrel Hill LLC for $ 830,000 on June 25.


Peter Principato Trs. and the Peter Principato Living Trust acquired 27 Abel’s Neck Road in Chilmark from Richard James and Daniel James for $ 700,000 on 22 June.

Richard T. James and Daniel M. James purchased 33 Abel’s Neck Road in Chilmark from Peter Principato for $ 3,192 on June 22.

Ade 933 LLC purchased a 51 Line actuator in Chilmark from Mary E. Davisson Trs. and the Mimi Davisson Living Trust for $ 880,000 on June 23.

Nancy Bard and Donald Baer purchased 37 N. Abel’s Hill Road in Chilmark from William M. Meehan Trs., Laura A. Roebuck Trs. and the $ 3 million Meehan-Roebuck revocable trust on June 25.


John D. Haas and Rebecca I. Haas acquired 33 Llewellyn Way in Edgartown from Robert D. Moriarty Trs. and 33 Llewellyn Trust for $ 4,000,000 on June 24th. Arch Building & Home Development LLC acquired 7 Turkeyland Cove Road in Edgartown from Jane M. Leaf for $ 2,540,000 on June 25.

Oak bluffs

Cassidy Bettencourt and Andrew Williamson purchased 3 Wheelhouse Way in Oak Bluffs from Leonard S. Bernstein and Barbara P. Bernstein on June 21 for $ 610,000.

On June 24, Dorothy E. Grandfield and Mark C. Grandfield acquired 29 Farm Pond Road in Oak Bluffs from Michael P. Grandfield for $ 400,000.

On June 24, Kato General LLC acquired 125 Tellette Street in Oak Bluffs from James R. Bedard for $ 360,000.

Revocable Trust Kerry D. Chandler and Kerry Chandler Trs. Acquired 67 Dukes County Avenue in Oak Bluffs on June 25 from Virgil L. Voe for $ 525,000.

Shelley Sumpter Guillard acquires 97 Wing Road in Oak Bluffs from Theodore R. Debettencourt Tr. and Theodore R. Debettencourt Trust for $ 1,210,000 on June 25.

Jeffrey Markovich and Janey Markovich acquired 30 Firehouse Lane in Oak Bluffs on June 25 from Billy Marie Morrison, Billy Marie El-Sarji and Billy Marie Sarji for $ 1,000,000.

August Rose Dillon and Hunter Sven Cottrell purchased 8 Syracuse Avenue in Oak Bluffs on June 25 from Sean D. Clapp, Amy M. Law and Amy M. Clapp for $ 750,000.

Michael Wallace Tr. and Wallace Realty Trust acquired 20 Pequot avenue from Eileen G. Pelletier Trs., Philip J. Pelletier Trs. and Pequot Realty Trus on June 25 for $ 1,450,000.

Vineyard haven

On June 22, Tiffany J. Smith purchased 28 Church Street in Vineyard Haven from Mark Fleischmann and Shelley Fleischmann for $ 1,530,001. …

On June 23, Antonio Marcos Cardoso acquired 47 Warner Street in Vineyard Haven from Jackson de Almeida Cardoso for $ 595,000.

Laura S. Fine and Andrew M. Fine purchased 46 Stonegate Lane in Vineyard Haven from Kelly J. McCarthy and Kelly J. McGiggin on June 25 for $ 1,485,000.

On June 25, Jane Leaf purchased the 157 Clover Hill Vineyard Haven from Charles T. Felder from Charles T. Felder for $ 1,140,000.

West tisbury

Nicholas W. Peters acquired 8 Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury from Mary E. Cournoyer Tr., Rebecca J. Cournoyer Tr. and the Locust Grove Nominee Trust nominee fund for $ 450,000 on June 25th.


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