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Richard Lochridge bought Highway 92 Kings in Chilmark from Eric T. Abrahamsen and Brynna Ross for $ 1,375,000 on 27 July.


Pal Sandor Marton Afzelius and Ellen Lovsa Afzelius acquired 459 Katama Road, block A6 in Edgartown from Jeffrey M. Mason Trace. and the Marlborough II Nominee Trust for $ 950,000 on July 29.

Rachel Goldfarb Tr. and 25 Pierce Realty Trust acquired 25 Pierce Lane in Edgartown from Christopher F. Lemley Trs., Christopher L. Lemley Trs. and PKW Realty Trust for $ 8,175,000 on July 30.

Oak bluffs

On July 29, Gerald S. Adolph and Gwendoline Adolph purchased 101 Park Street in Oak Bluffs from John Buttell and Michelle Battel for $ 2,660,000.

On July 29, Gerald S. Adolph and Gwendoline Adolph acquired 104 Oak Bluffs Winmack Street from John Battell and Michelle Battel for $ 2,660,000.

Vineyard haven

BWP Properties LLC acquired 43 Look street in Vineyard Haven from Roger C. Erickson Trs., Johanna M. Erickson Trs. and the Joanna Erickson Revocable Trust for $ 865,000 on 26 July.

Chasheril Leslie Holman and Alan Holman Acquired Amelia’s Junction 87 at Vineyard Haven from Paul D. Adler Tr. and 14 Pine Street Realty Trust for $ 400,000 on July 26.

Michael Donaroma acquired 427 State Road at Vineyard Haven from Janet Von Staats Trs. and Frances Aliano Irrevocable Trust for $ 300,000 on July 29.

On July 30, Petro-Tech LLC acquired 32 Cook Road in Vineyard Haven from John O’Callaghan and Caroline O’Callaghan for $ 615,000.

West tisbury

On July 30, Louise W. O’Brien acquired 15 Pine Hill Road in West Tisbury from Burton Lerner, Lois S. Wolfe and Lois Wolfe for $ 1,267,000.

Michael Crowley and Heather Crowley acquired 213 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road in West Tisbury from Declaration of Confidence and Frank A. Elia Jr. for $ 700,000 on July 30.


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