The sophisticated marketplace and gallery NFT offers digital real estate for creators and collectors.


The new NFT marketplace and gallery offers a sophisticated twist – style, sophistication and a social element that allows people to connect with a shared love of digital assets.

Musée provides a platform for crypto art creators and collectors with 10,000 plots, each representing an NFT that reflects complete ownership and control of this digital real estate asset. These plots can be bought and used to install crypto artwork and collectibles, which can then be purchased by visitors to the Museum.

The project home page welcomes users with a quick glance at all busy sites, giving them the freedom to interact with the content they like. Empty lots are also displayed and can be bought instantly.

All of this also reflects some much-needed modernization, marking a concerted departure from conventional galleries. While geography was once an obstacle preventing fans from seeing the masterpieces of their favorite artists, Musée ensures that vibrant creations are always a click away.

Marketplace and gallery

Of course, Musée doesn’t just offer an environment in which to admire the NFT. Through your platform Exhibited NFTs can also be traded, giving artists exciting new streams of income and ensuring they are properly rewarded for their work and imagination.

The website is still under construction, but users will be able to admire the crypto art and collectible NFTs that were recently acquired and find leaderboards featuring the best creators and collectors. For those looking to pounce on digital art as soon as it goes on sale, the latest ads will also be displayed.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier either. All a new user needs to do is purchase a crypto wallet like MetaMask, top up with ether, and connect to the Musée platform.

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Sentimental value

According to the team behind Musée, it’s extremely easy to focus on the huge amounts of money that has been spent on NFT since early 2021. However, it does not account for something else that is equally important: the sentimental value that can be given to these tokens.

Musée wants to create a platform with content that truly engages audiences, helping to ensure that the NFT sector can continue to grow and thrive in the long term by providing digital real estate to crypto art creators and collectors. Given that this sector is still at a very early stage, they believe the space is hungry for growth – and higher levels of innovation are needed.

The platform is slated to launch on July 20, paving the way for a full-fledged NFT market that debuts next month. From here, the social platform will be released by the end of the year. The cost of the plots is 0.1 ETH each.

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