The Recorder – Real Estate Transactions: July 16, 2021



24 Chester Street, $ 245,000. B: Nicholas Matthews and Annie Dreher. S: Michael R. Hough.

546 Chestnut Hill Ave. $ 263,000. B: Zachary P. Robido. S: Patti E. Nickerson and Shannon H. Nickerson.

742 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 4E. $ 133,000. B: Autumn H. Jones. S: Timothy A. Landry and Marianne Hatfield-Landry.

159 Drury Ave. $ 280,000. B: John B. Brown and Christina G. Brown. S: Garrick A. Bassett and Sera E. Bassett.

277 Fredette St. $ 231,000. B: Alex T. Boyd and Morena Boyd. S: Carol A. Litticio Estate and Elaine M. Fournier.

Harvard Avenue, 463, $ 296,500. B: Robert S. Deheit and Lindsay Deheit. S: Nicholas P. Flatley and Kimberly N. Flatley.

580 King Road. $ 145,000. B: Nicholas M. Zanga. S: Scott Duplessis and Maria Duplessis.

786 Lenox St. $ 235,000. B: Brandon R. Newell and Jordan A. Livingston. S: Harry P. Holdt III and Susan K. Holdt.

1782 Main Street – $ 385,000 B: Andrew Matrundola. S: Raymond R. Saya and Patricia A. Saya.

993 Partridgeville Road. $ 370,000. B: Michael R. Hough and Dennis King. S: Richard K. Ladrog and Tracy L. Ladrog.

149 Pequoig Ave. $ 320,000. B: Michael Robillard. From: 21 Cherry St. Corporation.

1165 Riceville Road. $ 348,000. B: Garrick A. Bassett and Sera E. Bassett. S: Paul Vardakis.

82 Silver Lake St. $ 280,000. B: Jack Robinson Sr. S: Conrad Bogart and Nicole Bogart.


63 Gill Road. $ 216,000. B: Amanda J. Murphy and Mitaro A. Kelly. S: Eric A. Vassar.


129 Main St. $ 140,000. B: Timothy J. Porter-Devry and Busara K. Busayatip. S: Wayne D. Philan.

Route 2161 2.255000 dollars. B: Joseph Mendes. S: Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass Inc.


Crosier Lane. $ 115,000. B: Sarah M. Wilson and Teresa E. Särnacki. S: Stow Farm Community Homeowners Association.

438 Jacksonville Road. 550,000 dollars. B: Daniel Dubois and Tricia Dubois. S: Revocable Trust Caroline B. Cromack, Keith A. Cromack, Trustee.


Eldridge Road. 10,550 dollars. B: Janet H. Osell. S: Roger R. Osell Estate and William R. Osell.


43 Conway St. $ 329,000. B: Jessica E. Petersen. S: Paul W. Ellis and Briquette Ellis.

14 Elm St. $ 122,400. B: Hamshaw Deerfield LLC. C: Filion Leasing Inc.

16 Elm St. $ 557,600. B: Hamshaw Deerfield LLC. C: Filion Leasing Inc.

74 North Main St. $ 330,000. B: James Perot Land Trust, James Perot, Trustee. S: Daniel M. Harper and Kara M. Moser.


49 Mountain road. 197,500 dollars. B: Tristan D. Martino and Billy-Joe Rice. S: Paul M. Charest Estate and Julie A. Craig.


132 West Gill Road. $ 300,000. B: Caitlin A. Wood and Nathan Hill. S: Alan D. Tufano and Lisa M. Tufano.


890 Bernardston Road. $ 280,000. B: Nicholas Guidi. S: Michelle Hoyt.

1113 Bernardston Road. $ 1,660,000. B: Hamshaw Greenfield LLC. C: Filion Leasing Inc.

1123 Bernardston Road. $ 1,660,000. B: Hamshaw Greenfield LLC. C: Filion Leasing Inc.

103 Burnham Road. $ 305,000. B: Rory E. Donoghue. S: Carrie H. Dubino.

159 Chapman Street $ 262,500. B: Jason A. Staloff and Margaret G. Staloff. S: Raymond K. Harris, Jr. and Amy A. Huff-Harris.

201 Chapman Street $ 190,000. B: Raishon Yard. S: Alan S. Jackson and Colleen M. Jackson.

83 Davis St. $ 205,000. B: Jeffrey T. Reynolds Jr. and Nicole R. Reynolds. S: Jane M. Buchanan.

Grove Street, 39, 205,000 dollars. B: Christopher D. Hemple. S: Paul W. Ellis.

85 Pierce St. $ 199,900. B: Roundabout Books Inc. S: Joel Tonyarelli and Christy Tonyarelli.

8-10 Pond St. $ 160,000. B: PRB LLC. S: Gerald A. Bador.

82 Thayer Road. $ 230,000. B: Marie G. Mullen and Kenneth D. Mullen Jr. S: Redfoot LLC.

303 The path of wisdom. USD 1,825,000. B: Universal storage. S: Self-storage in the Path of Wisdom.


Row Road. $ 55,000. B: Jesse K. Weigand and Kristen M. Weigand. S: William M. Knott and Deborah Knott.


112 Shutesbury Road. $ 219,000. B: Stuberovski Family Trust, Olgert Stuberovskis, Trustee. S: Aria Robinson Estate and Christopher Robinson.


George Lamb Road. $ 12,000. B: Greg Stacy. S: Roger R. Osell Estate and William R. Osell.


Federal st., 226, block 226.185000 dollars. B: Kimberly G. Scummon. S: Eric J. Eichorn and Jennifer L. Eichorn.

Industrial Boulevard. 157,500 dollars. B: LLC River Bluff Group. S: City of Montague.

27 North St. $ 217,000. B: Jeremy Towle. S: Gregory M. Oles and Nancy A. Oles.


15 West St. $ 408,500. B: Yongjun Ruan. S: Christopher P. Misra and Kimberly A. Misra.


9 Pentecost Road. $ 267,000. B: Susan J. Westphal. S: Andrea T. Dale.


85 Hayden St. $ 290,000. B: Terry Denny and Brenda Denny. S: Sovereign Von Buren Realty Group.


New road Atol. 135,000 dollars. B: James E. Reo and Laurie Reo. S: Brian J. Scott-Lombardo.


10 Colony Road. 440,000 dollars. B: Jessica Lewis and Jay Lewis. S: Platinum Development LLC and East Coast Platinum Development.


199 Bliss Hill Road. $ 251,000. B: John F. Chikoine and Holly Tsyganevich. S: John M. Fletcher and Jacqueline A. Fletcher.

30 Morse Road. $ 272,000. B: Kevin P. Bro and Jamie L. Mexa. S: Robert J. Hallett Jr.


Smead Hill Road, Lot 1. $ 13,500. B: Daniel T. Koshinsky and Erin F. Koshinsky. S: Corinne M. Young.


138 castles pond-road. $ 444,900. B: Matteo A. Pangallo and Nettie A. Pangallo. S: Ayres Hall Revocable Trust, Ayres Hall, Trustee.

34 Montague Road. $ 112,000. B: Michael Nolden and Alyssa Nolden. S: Roberto Alejandro and Carmen A. Rolon.


286 North Silver Lane. $ 435,000. B: Paul R. Miller and Cheryl A. Miller. S: Christopher R. Burke and Christine D. Burke.


New Salem road. $ 125,000. B: Whetstone Wood Trust and David J. O’Neill. S: Eleanor M. Weatherby.

29 West St. $ 147,000. B: Iris Evernow. S: Craig Wendell.


200 Chestnut Plain Road. 622,000 dollars. B: Ellen S. Burt. S: Melissa B. Caldwell.

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