The real estate company has extended the lease in the Glenpointe complex



Commercial property management company Larrin Management LLC has resumed its 2,275 square foot office lease on the Glenpointe corporate campus in Tinek.

The company has been the tenant of Glenpointe, located at Frank W. Burr Blvd., 300/400/500, since 2014, according to a statement released Tuesday. Alfred Sanzari Enterpriseswho owns and manages real estate.

“From day one, we quickly realized that Glenpoint was ideal for our growing business needs,” Larrin CEO William Cronenberg said in a statement.

The campus covers 50 acres and includes 670,000 square feet of office space and has recently been refurbished, including updated lighting, redesigned common areas and an updated outdoor recreation space called Green, the company said.

“Despite the current market conditions and the recent challenges facing the office market, Glenpointe continues to stand out from the rest,” said Carolina Gutierrez, rental and marketing manager for Alfred Sanzari Enterprises in Hackensack.


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