The rating of the best credit companies has been replenished with the category of student loan refinancing | Press room


Washington DC – US News & World Report, the global authority on consumer ratings and recommendations, today announced the addition of a fourth major category to its top lending companies ranking: Best Lenders to Refinance Student Loans.

The Top Credit Companies Ranking is a five-star system that helps consumers compare over 70 lenders looking to save money on home purchases, emergency expenses or debt consolidation. Besides Best Student Loan Refinancing Lenders, US News evaluates the top lending companies every six months in three other major loan categories: Best Private Student Loans, Top mortgage lenders and Best Personal Loans… The ratings appear on US News lender profiles and are accompanied by relevant information about each lender, such as minimum credit rating requirements.

“With the suspension of federal student loan payments due to expire at the end of September, refinancing your private student loan could be an option to lower your monthly payment and save on interest,” said Kim Castro, editor and chief content officer, US News. … “Rankings of the best student loan refinancing lenders help you see how lenders stack up and choose the best lender that saves you time, money and stress.”

US News rated lenders in three categories – availability, customer service, and eligibility – based on multiple factors, and then assigned ratings based on a weighted cumulative overall rating. Factors affecting the ratings of the best lenders for student loan refinancing include customer service ratings, refinancing interest rate, loan refinancing maturity, refinancing loan amounts, minimum FICO refinancing score, product availability and online features. For more information on how the ratings were calculated, including the factors that determine the best private student loans, the best mortgage lenders, and the best personal loans, see methodology

USA News ” College Loan Center There are also tips and tools to help consumers navigate financial aid, student loans, and general financial planning.

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