The Point, August 26, 2021: Police files sworn complaint against Gainesville Real Estate employees



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• Fresh Take Florida: Employees of a Gainesville real estate firm that has been attacked by a SWAT team may face felony charges. “According to sworn complaints filed late Tuesday and early Wednesday in Alachua County District Court, Gainesville police detectives have indicted Colliers International employees. Lauren Edwards, 24, Daniel Drotos, 34, and Rory Kosso, 59 years old, stealing dozens of trade secrets and proprietary documents and transactions worth $ 2 million from Bosshardt Realty Services, their former employer. “

• Mainstreet Daily News: (Alachua) District approves vaccination incentives. “The three-part offer includes $ 50 for every citizen vaccinated at partner sites, $ 500 for county employees, and a $ 10 monthly employee discount for every family member vaccinated.”

• WFSU: The closing arguments in the School Mask lawsuit were made on Friday. “Plaintiffs and state attorneys have been arguing all week in the Leon County courtroom. The plaintiffs – a group of parents – argued that if disguises were allowed to be voluntary, the health of their children would be at risk. Many of these children are too young to be vaccinated. “

• New York Times ($): In Florida, the pandemic is worse now than ever before. “The growing proportion of people flooding hospitals and dying in Florida now comes from younger populations, especially those between the ages of 40 and 59, who were less vulnerable in the earlier waves of the pandemic. The Delta variant is spreading among young people, many of whom considered themselves healthy and did not receive vaccinations. ”

• Palm Beach Post ($): Florida’s COVID cases hit an all-time high of over 26,000 per day. “Sunshine State continues to lead the nation in terms of new infections, although Louisiana, where the number of cases has skyrocketed since the delta began to spread across the country, had slightly more cases per capita, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. population “.

• CBS Miami: Broward’s dad Dan Bauman is arrested during a protest against the school mask ruling. “For the fifth time since Broward Schools resumed full-time education, 50-year-old Dan Bauman accompanied his daughter Isabelle to school. Isabelle is in her 10th grade freshman year at Fort Lauderdale High School. She refused to wear a mask and the administration refused her every day. “

• WMFE: Florida Poison Control says the number of ivermectins close to poisoning is on the rise, with drugs commonly used to treat livestock. “Since January this year, about 65 people in Florida have been mistakenly or deliberately exposed to ivermectin, a common medicine for worms.”

• WMFE: Study: 68 Florida hospitals have less than 48 hours of oxygen supply. “Hospitals use three to four times more oxygen than before the pandemic because more than 17,000 patients are hospitalized across the state with COVID-19. An FHA survey that was conducted (Wednesday) shows that 68 hospitals have less than 48 hours of supply, and about half of them have less than 36 hours. “

• VFLA-Tampa: The smell and taste of Hillsborough County’s drinking water may change as the COVID surge leads to a shortage of liquid oxygen. “Liquid oxygen is commonly used to remove hydrogen sulfide from water, but according to Tampa Bay Water, the COVID pandemic is causing a shortage of drivers, as well as the need to redirect existing supplies to local hospitals. Liquid oxygen is used to treat many COVID-19 patients. ”

• Florida News Service: The legal battle over Florida protest law could offer a grammar lesson. “This week, US District Judge Mark Walker ordered attorneys to add to the scheme the wording of a portion of the law (HB 1) that, among other things, toughens existing penalties and creates new violent protest offenses.”

• Lakeland Ledger: Citrus consultant Elizabeth Steger predicts that Florida orange harvest will fall 1.5%. “Her forecast is a smaller decline than forecast last year, but continues the trend towards an overall decline in Florida’s citrus harvest.”

• Miami Herald ($): Feds announce team investigating Surfside crash – won’t release preliminary findings. “These details are set to come out in the next few months as the team, known as the National Building Safety Team, is providing an update on its findings to the advisory committee.”

• Tampa Bay Times ($): Florida Says Piney Point Will Be Under New Leadership“This means HRK Holdings, the company that owns the site and was at the helm this spring when a leaking reservoir caused 215 million gallons of wastewater to be dumped into Tampa Bay, is no longer responding.”

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