The Pipeline: 7.16.21 Commercial Real Estate Review



# 1: Forest Hill Apartments LLC bought 27,898 sq ft in 4509 Forest Hill Ave. in Richmond for $ 2.25 million USA of Maple Hill Apartments. Byron Holmes of Porter Realty Co. represented the seller.

# 2: Cava Capital bought 0.095 acres in 2405, 2323, 2321 Westwood Ave. in Henrico for $ 1.8 million of 4100 Tomlynn Street-Rebkee LLC Et Al. Tom Rosman and Laurie Markham with One southern commercial represented the seller.

No. 3 (draw): Saunders Family Foundation bought 11,800 sq. Ft. in 2211-2215 Tazewell St. in Richmond for $ 1.5 million of Aronson Investments. Kevin Cox with Porter Realty Co. represented the buyer.

Dominion Realty Partners bought 26 ares in 1001 Boulders Spring Drive in Chesterfield for $ 1.5 million of Major global investors. David M. Smith with Kushman and Wakefield | Talchimer represented the seller.


# 1: Patriot Aluminum Products leased 52,875 sq. Ft. in 13721 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield. Dick porter as well as Cliff Porter with Porter Realty Co. represented the homeowner.

# 2: Burke’s Westgate stores leased 27,476 sq ft in 203-259 Washington Highway in Ashland. Annie O’Connor as well as Richard L. Talkheimer with Cushman & Wakefield | Talchimer represented the homeowner.

No. 3: 3 North PLLC leased 13,722 sq ft in 4015 Fitzhugh Ave. in Richmond. Ken Campbell with One southern commercial represented the homeowner.

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Have Site Will Travel announces the following deal:

Farm Credit Mall LLC acquired 11,172 square feet at 13905-13915 Boydton Plank Road in Dinwiddy for $ 900,000 from Perrotti Management. The deal was handled by John Jay Schwartz.

Sigma National reports the following deals:

Charley’s Philly Steaks & Wings rented 1,250 square feet at 1,500 W. Broad St. in Richmond. Wilson Davis represented the tenant.

Minh Khang Seafood leased 2,350 square feet at 7531 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield. Wilson Davis represented the homeowner.

One South Commercial reports the following deals:

BCP Times Dispatch acquired 2.32 acres on Times Dispatch Boulevard in Hanover for $ 1 million. Ken Campbell and Tom Rosman represented the seller.

OtoMed LLC acquired 6,664 square feet at 729-733 W. Cary St. in Richmond for $ 790,000. The seller was represented by Tom Rosman, Laurie Markham and Anne Schweitzer Riley.

Taylor Long Properties announces the following deals:

World Mission Agency Inc d / b / a Winners’ Chapel of Richmond leased 4,352 square feet at 10445 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield. Robert Marshall and Rebecca von Meister represented the homeowner.

Commonwealth Insurance Solutions leased 2,495 square feet at 4191 Innslake Drive, Suite 212, Henrico. Robert Marshall represented the tenant.

Porter Realty Co. reports the following transactions:

Randall W. Hall acquired 6,432 square feet at 10,045 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield for $ 540,000 from MDC Real Estate LLC. Byron Holmes represented the salesperson.

Boss Enterprises 2021 Inc. acquired 1.82 acres of land at 10384 Dow Gil Road in Hanover for $ 265,000 from Downing Gilman. Cliff Porter represented the salesperson.

Kushman and Wakefield | Thalhimer reports the following deals:

Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore and Bunn have extended their lease by 4,359 square feet at 201 Concourse Blvd. in Henrico. Amy J. Broderick and Mark E. Douglas represented the homeowner.

T-Mobile Northeast leased 2,500 square feet at 203-259 Washington Highway in Ashland. Annie O’Connor and Richard L. Talkheimer represented the homeowner.

Justmanes Barber rented 1,200 square feet at 12,100 Bermuda Crossroads Lane in Chesterfield. Alex T. Watring and Riley Marchand represented the landlord.

Kabul Mart LLC leased 1165 square feet at 2601 Tuckernuck Drive in Henrico. Adam Nelson represented the tenant.

Joyner Commercial Real Estate announces the following deals:

Ramna Associate acquired 0.738 acres of land at 4921 S. Old Hundred Road in Chesterfield for $ 162,000 from Pamela M. Pierce. Bill Phillips represented the salesperson.

The WerkitRVA Selfie Museum has rented 1,100 square feet at 4915 W. Broad Street in Henrico. Lebs Breeden represented the tenant.

Commonwealth Commercial Partners announces the following deals:

AgMKTG leased 3,635 square feet at 3007 W. Clay Street in Richmond. Ben Bruni and Russell Wyatt represented the homeowner.

NDL Inc. dba Lighting Environments leased 4,251 square feet at 3416-3424 W. Clay St. in Richmond. Ben Bruni represented the tenant.

JD Quality Pouches leased 5,000 square feet at 2050 Val Park Drive in Goochland. Tucker Warren represented the tenant, and Ben Bruni and Michael Goode represented the landlord.

C&R Consulting leased 995 square feet at 5300 Hickory Park Drive in Henrico. Eric Hammond and Michael Goode represented the homeowner.

Hung T. Boy rented 184 square feet at 413-421 Stuart Circle in Richmond. Eric Hammond and Michael Goode represented the homeowner.

Hicks Properties leased 125 square feet at 413-421 Stuart Circle in Richmond. Eric Hammond and Michael Goode represented the homeowner.

Your Path Consulting Center rented 2,080 square feet at 9410 Atlee Commerce in Hanover. Eric Hammond represented the homeowner.

410 Pine Street LLC acquired 13,060 square feet at 207 W. Franklin St. in Richmond at Brooks Franklin Street LP for $ 1,030,000. The seller was represented by Jim McVeigh, John Thompson and Eliza Izard.

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