The most popular postcodes for real estate in America include the local city



If you are selling your home right now, chances are that you are getting a lot more than you even asked for! The real estate market for those trying to sell a home is very popular!

But on a national scale, how does the Western and Central New York City stack up? It turns out there is at least one city and postcode in the region that is doing very well. In fact, he came in second on a very prestigious list.!

According to, a city just off the freeway from Buffalo has garnered a lot of attention on this list. West Irondequoit, New York (Rochester) (14617) lands just outside East Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I grew up in East Aurora, NY, and every time I return through this great village, I see more and more homes for sale, and they are sold within a day or two after they hit the market. … It’s a trend that’s seen not only in the quaint hamlet of East Aurora, but around Western New York as well.

According to the list, the top 10 markets have homes that sell on average within six days, 31 days faster than the rest of the country!

It will be the perfect weekend to go out and shop at home if you’re curious, but just be prepared to jump into the home you like because it can happen quickly! I saw houses near us in the Hamburg countryside that were on sale for a day or two after they were put up for sale!

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