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East Bay startup tackles housing crisis with 3D printing technologyMighty Buildings of Oakland has created seven 3D printed ADUs (Additional Living Units) that already exist in the community. Susie Steimle reports. (6-24-21)

OPD Chief, Mayor Reacted to Auckland Police Vote to Reimburse Voting CostsAuckland City Council voted to cut more than $ 17 million from the police budget on Thursday night. (6-24-21)

Delta variant of coronavirus worries health officialsA new strain of coronavirus that has caught on in California has prompted a warning from regional health officials. Reported by Devin Feheli. (6-24-21)

San Francisco grapples with drastic reduction in police recruitsThe San Francisco Police Department is finding it difficult to find enough promising candidates for new positions. Kenny Choi reports. (6-24-21)

Used car prices are skyrocketing after the pandemicOne of the most astonishing financial stories of the pandemic era has been the spike in used car prices. Len Ramirez reports. (6-24-21)

Real estate frenzy in Mantek when house prices exceed the million dollar markNew home buyers, many of whom are leaving the Gulf, flock to Manteka and are willing to pay. Reported by Anna Giles. (6-24-21)

FAA requires San Jose to clean up a homeless camp near the airportThe FAA is pressuring San Jose to do something about what has become what is arguably the city’s largest homeless camp. Kiet Do informs. (6-24-21)

Forecast for Thursday nightEnjoy the warm weather while you can, according to Chief Meteorologist Paul Heggen, because there is yet another heat ahead. (6-24-21)

San Francisco – City Workers: Get a Bill of Exchange or Get an AxOn Thursday, San Francisco City Hall broke the news that all city employees will have to get vaccinated against the coronavirus or their jobs could be at stake. Reporting by Wilson Walker. (6-24-21)

Dozens of missing persons and feared to die after the fatal collapse of a multi-story building in FloridaAuthorities say about 100 people are still missing after part of a 12-story seaside condominium collapsed in a city outside of Miami. Team coverage. (6-24-21)

Batman Season Finale Airs SundayKPIX’s Gianna Franco talks to actor Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox on the hit KBCW show “Batwoman.” Connect to KBCW this Sunday to watch the show’s season finale at 9 p.m. PT.

Meet Brave, Google’s new rivalWe chat with CNET Senior Reporter Shara Tibken about a company called Brave, which has launched a new search engine that claims to be focused on consumer privacy.

Season 3 of KBCW’s “In the Dark”KPIX’s Gianna Franco talks to Perry Mattfeld, the star of In the Dark. Watch the comedy drama on KBCW Wednesdays at 9 p.m. PST.

Virtual Broadway shows amid COVID-19CBSN Bay Area gets the latest preview of Broadway performances offered virtually.

A massive crane squeezes under the Golden Gate, a bridge across the bay en route to Auckland HarborA massive crane, flying over 100 feet, slipped under the Golden Gate and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge early Thursday morning, heading for the port of Oakland. Katie Johnston reports.

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Auckland City Council Discusses Budget Amid Police CallsJustin Andrews Announces Auckland City Council Prepares To Vote On A Budget That Will Diverter Funds From The Police Department (6-24-2021)

Nearly 100 people go missing in partial collapse of a condominium outside of MiamiManuel Bohorquez reports on the authorities’ search for survivors of a building collapse near Miami Beach (24.06.2021)

Weather forecast Thursday morning with Mary Lee(24.06.21)

Auckland City Council to vote to remove $ 17 million from police budgetAuckland City Council is expected to vote today on a budget that could divert $ 17 million from the Auckland Police Department. By Justin Andrews. (24.06.21)

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BR goes on a date with artist Shomari SmithArtist and gallery owner Shomari Smith talks to Ian Mabrey of BR about his work, Gallery E14 in the heart of Old Auckland and takes us down Broadway Avenue on a Covid-safe date stroll where his lines from the Thank You series showcase when are boarded up with plywood. To find out more about this new space, visit See more amazing works by Shomari at


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