The local real estate broker took the position and now it takes the heat



SPRINGFIELD, Oregon. The former member of the Springfield Board of Realtors has resigned after proposing to change the meeting location due to disagreements over the group’s current location, Along Came Trudy Restaurant in Springfield.

Cady Hallert is a real estate broker based in Eugene. She told KEZI 9 News that she was given an ultimatum.

“Either you resign or we vote for you,” Hallert said.

Hallert says the Springfield Council meets every month.

Along Came Trudy was fined over $ 50,000 by OSHA for alleged COVID-19 violations. And now that Lane County is reopened, the board is going to resume its meetings there.

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Hallert said she tried to convince the board to change the meeting place, but she said they refused to budge.

“I decided to leave because they deny what is going on in the place where they like to hold meetings and are leaving,” Hallert said.

In her letter to the board of resignation, Hallert stated the following: “Management’s decision to continue the organization’s relationship with businesses that knowingly violated the law, publicly and proudly announced their decision to do so, and became a local white supremacist safe haven is deeply troubling.”

KEZI 9 News contacted owner Trudy Logan but still hasn’t received a response.

The Springfield Board of Realtors issued a statement earlier this evening, which said the “former board member” had disparaged them, in clear reference to Hallert.

“The incitement to hatred last week has hurt many individual members of our association,” he said. said the letter.

Hallert said that while she is not unhappy with her former colleagues, she still hopes that things will change in the future.

“I would like them to admit,“ Okay, you’re right, we shouldn’t be meeting here, we’re going to do better, and we’re going to find another place, ”and instead I get“ this is a business like a business as usual, ”Hallert said. …

Although Hallert is no longer a member of the Springfield Board of Realtors, she is still a member of the Eugene Realtors Association for 15 years.


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