The Kuti Romero transfer is actually a Lo Celso style loan with a buyout option.



When Cristiano “Kuti” Romero was announced Tottenham Hotspur All media reported that the deal was for six years with the previously announced € 50 + 5 million for performance-related escalators.

But that’s not what Atalanta’s website said in the announcement of his departure.

Atalanta BK announces that player Christian Romero has moved to Tottenham Hotspur on loan with the option to make the move permanent.

HM? This fact has never been mentioned in Tottenham’s announcements and press releases. This led to a couple of hours of confusion as various organizations called around and tried to find out what was going on.

It turns out – right. But if someone is worried about it, then it is not worth it, since this is pretty close to what they did when they bought Giovani Lo Celso in the summer of 2019. Alasder Gold seems to have confirmed this a bit later:

Other reports say that, as with Gio, the loan could become permanent as early as January this year.

This is really very clever. Tottenham have money even after COVID, unlike many other clubs, especially foreign ones. What they don’t necessarily have is the liquidity of the funds. However, COVID has definitely brought down market prices for players right now, which means if you can afford to buy right now, this is a great time to do so.

What Spurs did to Romero, just as they did to Gio, is a bit of a buy-now-pay-later plan whereby they can lock in good prices for their players in the short term by agreeing on a short-term loan with a commitment to purchase, and then make the transition permanent in the future when there is presumably more liquidity and receipts. It worked really well with Gio and I have no reason to think it won’t work equally well with Kuti.

The transfer price is still correct at £ 42 million plus escalators, but just not right away. It’s kind of an accounting gimmick, and it sounds a little complicated, but maybe that’s why the deal seemed to cross the line for so long.

In any case, there is nothing to worry about. Romero is now a Tottenham player and will be (under contract) until 2027. It’s pretty cute.


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