The K Factor with JJ Katz – Inside the Real Estate World



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K-Factor Podcast: Jay Jay Katz, founder of Heights Properties, which specializes in home sales, condominiums, real estate development and investment real estate, provides an inside look at the real estate industry. Full history, audio

K-Factor podcast produced by CHYE – Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news site

The K factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders make keli (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can develop their business aspirations.

Jay Jay Katz, as the founder of Heights Properties in 1999, has been a stable force in the local real estate market, specializing in the sale of homes, apartment buildings, development and investment properties. With eighteen years of experience in the real estate industry, JJ Katz serves the home buying and investment real estate markets. In one of the fastest growing and toughest environments in history.

In this interview:

Following the entrepreneurial path
Seeing the hand of the Almighty
Getting into real estate brokerage
Network strength
Various options for real estate mediation
Listing strategy
Explore the Chavos Halevavos Sefer
Start investing in real estate
Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone
Find your creative niche
House buying advice


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