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Work from home, but invest nationwide.

Real estate investment shouldn’t be limited to where you live, as you may be missing out on some of the most popular markets in the country. Experts Suspension fully agree, therefore their mission is to simplify the buying and selling of real estate in violation of physical boundariess to get into a lucrative business.

Roofstock is a company that allows individuals to invest in real estate, whether buying or selling, mainly focused on single family homes and small managed properties. First, find real estate on the market anywhere in the country with which we can help you in no time. Then buy the listing in cash or with funding to get the title in your name. Finally, consider teaming up with a trusted property manager for day-to-day responsibilities such as maintenance and rentals. The latter is especially useful for out-of-state shopping in any fast-growing markets you find.

“Our platform enables everyone from novice investors to global asset managers to confidently evaluate, buy and own investment property from anywhere in the world.” – the company, founded in 2015, stated on its website… “Since launch, we have exceeded $ 3 billion in transactions and continue to disrupt the industry with cutting edge technology and innovation.”

Where is the best place to invest now?

Map of the United States of America with colored dots representing the property of Roofstock.

So now for the fun part: start your journey as a real estate investor by choosing an area to invest. As the map of Roofstock markets is very extensive, Narrowing down the area for opening a store can be tricky, especially now that you don’t have to physically live in the area to invest. Lucky for you, we’ve brought in experts from some of the leading real estate companies like Keller Williams and RE / MAX to help plan your future investments.

Seth Levine, Junior Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams NYC, asks you to put your card aside for a moment and take a look at your taxes to find the best places to invest in real estate.

“Right now, a lot of money is pouring into states that have seen significant migration from states with higher taxes,” Levin explained to The Post. “States like Texas and Florida are booming, prices are skyrocketing and demand far exceeds supply. While this is great in the short term, there is a strong likelihood that property values ​​will return to Earth when inventory levels decline and temporary population shifts due to the pandemic return to normal. Other hot spots include North Carolina, Idaho and Arizona. “

Although the past year has been unprecedented with a difficult history of real estate due to the pandemic, It is also advisable to look at the statistics by year. This is what RE / MAX professionals doby publishing its annual report online to help others make real estate decisions through 2022 and beyond.

Screenshot of the RE / MAX report on the 5 largest markets.

“Of the 53 municipalities surveyed in May 2021, the overall average number of home sales declined 0.2% compared to April 2021 and increased by 53.4% ​​compared to May 2020. The leader in sales growth year-on-year was Detroit, Michigan + 136.6%, San Francisco, California, + 135.7% and Miami, Florida, + 131.8%. “ according to RE / MAX National Housing Report May 2021.

Where exactly in my chosen state should I invest?

Once you have chosen a general area, you will need to make a little more decisions when it comes time to choose a property, whether in a booming city or quietly growing suburb, and knowing how to spot the ebb and flow. the market and migration patterns of people who live in the area are key.

“The best way to determine which areas are best for investment is to just look at what percentage of real estate is rented out and what percentage of property is,” Levin suggests. “Analyzing vacancy rates is another great way to see how a particular market is doing. It also makes sense to see, in terms of future appreciation, if the market is undervalued due to a temporary situation. Manhattan would be a prime example of a high-performance neighborhood negatively impacted by temporary events. In other urban markets, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago, some apartment buildings were damaged in the short term. In most of these areas, this trend has already changed, but there is still a lot of interesting ahead. ”

While remote investing is a game changer for those who don’t want to relocate to manage their property, experts still recommend doing a little bit of land work during the location scouting process to get a feel for the terrain before making a deal.

“There is no alternative to knocking out tires,” said Kobe Lahav, senior managing director and director of sales at Living NY brokerage. “Go to the area, talk to people, sit in a coffee shop. Feel who lives there. Young families are always a good sign, as are new trendy coffee shops. There are also certain constants that never change, and due to which the market is constantly growing. One of these constants is universities. Always look for good universities, first-class schools, not second-tier schools, and this is always a sign of high demand. “

Of course, no one expects you to do it alone. Upon request, Roofstock will put you in touch with an experienced property manager on a day to day basis, and all experts agree that having a strong team of advisors is a must, no matter where you invest.

Eventually, what you invest will become a part of your life, so you can also choose the place that you like. After all, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life, right?

“Find what you like,” said Daniel Bluthman, associate broker for Triplemint, a New York-based real estate agency. “They say that if you invest in companies you use and love, you can’t go wrong. I’ve found this with real estate too. ”

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