The government report details a “widespread illegal scheme” serving student loans, the lawyer says.



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The tightly controlled Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary

China will not allow itself to be intimidated, and anyone who tries will face “headbroken and bloodshed in front of the Iron Great Wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese people,” President Xi Jinping said at a mass gathering Thursday marking the centenary of the Communist Party. Wearing a gray button-down suit like Mao Zedong, Xi spoke from the balcony of the Tiananmen Gate, emphasizing the party’s role in achieving global recognition for China and saying that he will never be separated from the people. Xi, also head of the party and leader of the armed forces, also said that China restored order in Hong Kong following anti-government protests in the semi-autonomous city in 2019, and reaffirmed Beijing’s determination to take control of self-governing Taiwan.


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