The Docket: Real Estate Lawsuits Summary for 7.1.21



Adamskiy District Court

Trans Lease Inc. against Ground Zero Construction Inc.; Jamie D. Garman; and Rodney E. Garman

The defendant leased construction equipment as of December 31, 2019 in the amount of USD 732,320.72.

Lawyers: Harry L. Simon

Submitted: 15.06.2021


Alexander Kokh v. LLC “Group of Companies Griffis” d / b / a Griffis Residential

Class action and lease agreement. The defendant wrongly charged the plaintiff and other similarly positioned tenants up to $ 355.

Lawyers: Jason Legg and Scott Cadiz of Cadiz Legal Department

Submitted: 22.06.2021


Arapaho District Court

Sunbelt Rentals Inc., a North Carolina corporation v. LLC “K & F Excavating”; Kerry Stanley; PS Mountain West LLC; Triad Retail Construction Inc .; and Forterra Inc.

Collecting Mechanic’s $ 26,000 bond at 15,600 E. Mississippi Ave., Aurora for non-payment of rented construction equipment.

Lawyers: William Eikenberry of Darling Milligan

Submitted: 17.06.2021


Parker Road Campus LLC v. Production Media Company d / b / a The Ferraro Group Corp .; and Jennifer Ferraro

Defendant rented property at The Marketplace on South Parker Road, Aurora, and vacated the premises at the end of the April 30, 2021 deadline, owing $ 22,092.02 for the February to April period.

Lawyers: Donald Farlow of Burns Wall and Mueller

Submitted: 18.06.2021


Parker Road Campus LLC v. Holly Agency LLC and Corinna Holly

Defendant rented a property for $ 4,987 per month in Market in South Parker Road, Aurora, expired on February 29, 2024, vacated the premises in October 2020, and stopped paying rent and other amounts owed, currently 42,001 owed , $ 44.

Lawyers: Donald Farlow of Burns Wall and Mueller

Submitted: 24.06.2021


Denver District Court

Wiggs Custom Homes LLC against JKC Realty Holdings LLC

Contract and good faith. The defendants allowed the manager’s daughter to live in one of the plaintiff’s brand new homes, which reduced the “value and competitiveness of the home”. If the property had been put up for sale and properly sold in the summer or fall of 2020, the plaintiff claims that he would have received at least $ 200,000 as his share of the profits.

Attorneys: Sheri Roswell and Stephen L. Heisdorfer of Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell

Submitted: 17.06.2021


RiNo TOD LLC v. Efni Inc., a Delaware corporation

Defendant rented office space at 3501 Wazee St., Denver starting approximately June 26, 2018 and defaulted by voluntarily leasing the premises on May 13, 2021, which was before the scheduled lease expiration date, and owed $ 97,536.70 to June 1, 2021
Lawyers: Christopher Daws and Risa B. Brown of Fox Rothschild

Submitted: 17.06.2021


Crystal james v. Super Simple Property Management and Dave Eilrick

Plaintiff states that in January 2017, she signed a property management agreement with Eilric for her property at 7920 Greenwood Blvd., Denver, with Eilric receiving tenant payments and making payments after deducting an 8 percent property management fee. The plaintiff claims that she is owed an unpaid rent of $ 45,490.

Lawyers: Jennifer D. Henley of Robinson & Henry

Submitted: 21.06.2021


Fadi Michael against James J. Andrioff; Mark Gutentag; Estate of Tobias Alsace; and Hashem Amer

Fraud and misleading. The defendants convinced the plaintiff to invest in a warehouse holding company and then sold the property and assets without his knowledge.

Lawyers: JR. Parker Semler and James L. French of Parker Semler

Submitted: 23.06.2021


LLC “RINO 1” v. Collaborative Network 4 Clinical Excellence Inc., Delaware Corporation d / b / a Cliexa Inc .; and Mehmet Kazgan

Defendant rented premises at 3513 Brighton Blvd., Suite 520, Denver, approximately September 1, 2018, defaulted and eventually vacated the premises. On or about April 13, 2021, the parties signed an amicable settlement, according to the plaintiff, whereby the defendant would pay $ 34,411.15 in seven monthly installments, but the defendant made no payments.

Lawyers: Bill Kyriagis and David A. Brewster of Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti

Submitted: 23.06.2021


Jefferson District Court

Cardinia Real Estate LLC vs. Commercial Owner Belmar, LP

Plaintiff leases 91,004 square feet in the Belmar shopping area across several downtown buildings and claims Belmar’s 2016 tax base submission was false when the Ninth Amendment to the lease was made on June 10, 2016 and the Respondent failed to provide timely notice. taxes and fees, in breach of their obligation in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Plaintiff argues that Belmar never provided him with a building appraisal notice for the tax years 2016-2020, and if it did, the plaintiff would have decided in a timely manner to enforce his right to require Belmar to challenge certain taxes, which increased by 153% per site. according to section 4.9 of the lease. The plaintiff is seeking damages in court.

Lawyers: Mark T. Barnes of Chipman Glasser



District Court Larimer

Pawnee Leasing Corporation v. Stacy Robinson, individual and used subway

The defendant owes $ 72,500 under the equipment loan and financing agreement.

Lawyers: Harry L. Simon

Submitted: 28.06.2021


United States District Court – Colorado

NGC Development, Florida LLC v. Kim J. Seter; and wall PC Seter & Vander

Legal negligence. The Defendants represented two clients with conflicting interests, resulting in Plaintiff’s loss of 15 acres of land.

Lawyers: Ross Pulkrabeck

Submitted: 25.06.2021

1:21 CV 1746

U.S. District Courthouse


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