The Docket: 8.26.21 Real Estate Claims Summary



Arapaho District Court

Legacy Kellogg LLC v. HGS Holdings Inc .; Christopher Hemming, individually; and Erinn Overly, individually

Plaintiff argues that Defendant rented property at 26 W. Dry Creek Circle, Suite 360, Littleton starting approximately April 28, 2019 and failed to pay the pecuniary obligations. The plaintiff is seeking damages in court.

Lawyers: Amanda Halstead of Mills Halstead and Zaludek

Submitted: 08/13/2021


Boulder District Court

Abboud Properties LLC v. Snake Bite LLC d / b / a Cryofusion Delinquent October 1, 2019; and Joshua Bentsen a / c / a Josh Bentsen

According to the plaintiff, the defendant had a five-year lease that began on June 1, 2017 and expired on May 31, 2022 at 3216 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, and stopped paying in April 2021 and vacated the premises, owing $ 21,735.79 in debt. August 1.

Lawyers: Andrew Spiegel

Submitted: 08/13/2021


Denver District Court

Purple Mountain Builders Inc. v. 17th and Pearl Denver LLC and Platt River Insurance Company

Claimant states that since November 5, 2018, it has been a subcontractor for the construction and renovation of Uptown Tavern, 1665 N. Pearl St. in Denver County, in full compliance with all terms of the contract until July 21, 2020, but the defendant refused to pay. The plaintiff proceeded to register the pledge right and claims that as a result of 17th and Pearl initiated action to tie up the bail by hiring Platte River. On or about December 16, 2020, the defendants settled a bond of US $ 1,022,626.10, but the plaintiff reported that the principal amount outstanding was US $ 681,750.73. Plaintiff requires a court order for breach of contract, a declaration that he has effective lien on the mechanic with respect to the bond, and the recovery of all amounts that should have been due.

Lawyers: M. James Zendejas and Brenten A. Ward of Stinar Zendejas Burrell & Wilhelmi

Submitted: 08/13/2021


State of Colorado through Council of State Land Commissioners v. Chair Covers & Linen Inc. d / b / a Linen Hero

Plaintiff reports that on 5 February 2020, the defendant rented a property in Ken Caryl’s Business Center, Suite C, 10499 Bradford Rd., Littleton, for an 85-month lease, and on 17 August 2020 notified the plaintiff of its intention. terminate the lease due to non-payment. The plaintiff claims that the parties signed an amicable settlement, with the defendant agreeing to pay $ 77,848 by April 30, 2021. The defendant did not do this, and the plaintiff is demanding a judgment in this amount.

Lawyers: Philip Weiser, Attorney General

Submitted: 08/13/2021


Douglas District Court

Midtown Industrial Center LLC v. Pentiko Ventures Inc. (“Honor Yoga”); and Andrew Pentiko

Claimant asserts that the tenant did not pay the monthly rent, maintenance costs of common areas and other items for Block F, 8800 S. Colorado Blvd., Highlands Ranch, and as of August 1, was in arrears in rent and other amounts due to payment. the amount is not less than 28,364.36 US dollars.

Attorneys: Theodore W. Brin of Theodore W. Brin Law Office

Submitted: 08/18/2021


El Paso District Court

Skyleks2 LLC v. Robert B. Gardner and The Hearing Clinic LLC

Beginning approximately July 2020, the plaintiff states that the tenant failed to fulfill the lease at 1685 Briargate Blvd., Colorado Springs, and vacated the premises. As of August 1, the amount due is $ 56,570.56, with rent and other amounts continuing to accumulate until June 30, 2022.

Lawyers: Gregory M. O’Boyle of Alpern Myers Stuart

Submitted: 08/11/2021


LLC “Crops” v. Mark Moder; Jessica Moder; and Zeezo’s Inc.

Plaintiff claims that Defendants failed to honor their lease in 1831 for N. Tejeon, Colorado Springs, claiming a principal of $ 97,073.39.

Lawyers: Kenneth Davidson

Submitted: 08/19/2021


District Court Larimer

Pawnee Leasing Corp. v. LLC “Active Express Services”; Charles S. Moss; and Delven A. Nickerson

Plaintiff argues that Defendant is not entitled to lease 21011 Freightliner M2 106 and seeks damages in the amount of USD 34,045.89 and reimbursement of the costs of returning to possession.

Lawyers: Harry L. Simon

Submitted: 08/17/2021


Pawnee Leasing Corp. v. Highlands Anesthesia PC; Jessica Slaughter; and Jerry Slaughter

Plaintiff seeks damages in the amount of US $ 42,479.23 for the defendant’s failure to pay monthly payments for various equipment, as well as the costs of returning to possession.

Lawyers: Harry L. Simon

Submitted: 08/19/2021


Ascentium Capital LLC v. Zzap Wellness LLC and Amanda Harding

Plaintiff argues that Defendant failed to make loan payments to finance the acquisition of two Cool Sculpting Devices and is in arrears in the amount of US $ 166,025.13 at the date of filing this complaint. The plaintiff seeks damages and the return of the devices to possession.

Lawyers: Jeremy D. Peck of Kutak Rock

Submitted: 08/19/2021


U.S. District Courthouse


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