The Docket: 7.29.21 Real Estate Claims Summary



Arapaho District Court

ES Propco – 1100 West Mississippi Avenue LLC vs. Brightway Roofing of Denver LLC; Hai (Denny) Nguyen; and John Thanh Nguyen

Plaintiff says that when buying property at 1100 W. Mississippi Ave. from John Nguyen on February 19, 2021, for $ 1,933,000, ES Propco relied on a statement that Brightway Roofing, owned by John, Denny and the main tenant, had paid rent and would continue as a going concern until the end of the lease , dated October 31, 2018, on 3,900 square feet with a base rent of $ 7,000 per month. The plaintiff argues that the purchase price was based on this assumption, which turned out to be false. Plaintiff claims that Brightway Roofing violated the agreement by vacating the property and not paying rent for the remainder of the term, which expires on October 30, 2021, and is demanding a balance of rent payments of at least $ 56,424.09 and a judgment against John Thanh. Nguyen and Hai “Denny” Nguyen, jointly and separately, for false representations, misrepresentation and fraud in the amount proven in court, but not less than $ 70,912.

Attorneys: David M. Rich of Buechler Law Office

Submitted: 20.07.2021


Boulder District Court

1335 Broadway LLC vs. Lotus Cafe d / b / a Lotus Leaf Tea Company LLC; and Justin Horning

The plaintiff claims that the defendant took possession and occupied 1335 Broadway, Unit A, Boulder in June 2017, but was unable to pay the minimum rent since at least April 2018 and refused to rent the premises. The plaintiff claims the ownership and rent due or payable.

Lawyers: Deepak Patel and Grant Shibao of Ciancio Ciancio Brown

Submitted: 20.07.2021


Denver District Court

2353 SB OOO v. General Cannabis Corp. d / b / a GC Corp.

Defendant entered into a lease at 2353 S. Broadway, Denver, from November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2023, with a monthly payment of $ 12,866.66, plus service fees and other expenses. Plaintiff claims that General Cannabis failed to pay rent for the December 2020 to July 2021 period, as well as for certain utilities for 2020 and 2021, and is seeking damages in the amount of USD 123,459.82.

Lawyers: Douglas Norberg and Dani G. Wilson of Gelman & Norberg

Submitted: 21.07.2021


J&N Properties LLC against Wyco Field Services LLC

Plaintiff and Respondent entered into a lease effective September 1, 2018 for suites 210 and 220 at 3980 Quebec St., Denver. The plaintiff claims that the defendant damaged the premises in several ways, including spilling plotter toner into the premises and the entire corridor of the second floor, as well as damaging the walls and ceiling, and refused to pay, forcing the plaintiff to repair and postpone re-leasing the premises. … The plaintiff requires that the amount be proven in court.

Lawyers: Christopher Kenny

Submitted: 21.07.2021


STS Industrial LLC against Langston Group Ltd.; Abram Langston; Elizabeth Langston; and Peter Fredericks

In the spring of 2021, the defendant defaulted on a lease at 168 CTC Boulevard, Suites E and F, Louisville. The plaintiff demands damages in the amount that will be proven in court.

Lawyers: Keith M. Edwards of Hutchinson Black

Submitted: 21.07.2021


Douglas District Court

DOKA USA Ltd. v LM Armstrong / Bridgeford Construction LLC

The plaintiff claims that by using the leased equipment on three projects, the defendant damaged, destroyed, lost and retained some of the leased equipment. The plaintiff seeks damages in the amount of US $ 286,296.06.

Lawyers: Daniel Evans of Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani

Submitted: 22.07.2021


District Court Larimer

Pawnee Leasing Corporation against Doggie Dental Inc. d / b / a Bristly; and Peters Dertsakyan

Plaintiffs say that California-based Doggie Dental took over the leased equipment in March 2020, agreeing to make 60 payments in the amount of $ 1,431.39 but violated terms. The plaintiff seeks damages in the amount of USD 67,883.46.

Lawyers: Harry L. Simon

Submitted: 07/14/2021


Pingjin Zhuang against Woka Land Corporation; Andrew Zhou; and Xiaphau Liang

The plaintiff claims that the defendant rented premises at 120 N. Lincoln Ave for the Wonderful Dragon restaurant for a period until April 30, 2024 with a rent that increases at varying intervals from $ 4,500 to $ 4,900 per month. According to the plaintiff, the defendant did not pay rent for June and July 2021, closed the restaurant on June 20, and fled with expensive restaurant equipment and damaged plumbing. The plaintiff is seeking a judgment in the amount of $ 246,911.27.

Attorneys: R. Parker Semler, Andrew O-Villek and Jonathan Drucker of Semler & Associates

Submitted: 07/26/2021


U.S. District Courthouse


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