The Docket: 7.15.21 Real Estate Claims Summary


Adamskiy District Court

Wagner Equipment Co. d / b / a Wagner Rents Inc. against Western Enterprises Inc. d / b / a Renovations Landscaping Inc .; and Benjamin T. Seidl

The plaintiff claims that the defendant did not pay for the equipment and materials provided and is demanding a judgment in the amount of $ 231,022.29.

Lawyers: Terry Ehrlich and Alanna Boswell of Arnold & Arnold

Posted: 07/06/2021


Wagner Equipment Co. d / b / a Wagner Rents Inc. against M&E Trucking LLC d / b / a M&E Trucking Inc .; and Enrique Carrillo

The plaintiff argues that the defendant did not pay for the rented equipment and is seeking a judgment in the amount of $ 115,985.75.

Lawyers: Scott Havn and Terry Ehrlich of Arnold & Arnold

Submitted: 07/08/2021


Denver District Court

Heska Corporation v. LLC “Destination Pet”

Defendant violated an agreement to use Plaintiff’s equipment for clinical trials at multiple clinics, and to purchase and use Plaintiff’s consumables in connection with equipment for which Defendant received a substantial discount. According to the plaintiff, the defendant did not pay a debt of at least $ 750,105.69.

Lawyers: Miro Kovacevic and Karen H. Safran from Goodpeed Merrill

Submitted: 06/29/2021


Prairie Village 2015 LLC d / used Nectar Broadway 2009 against LLC Banana Car Wash; and Benjamin Joshua Salgado II

Defendant failed to honor a lease dated January 1, 2020 at 2600 S. Broadway, Denver, and Plaintiff is seeking proof of damages in court.

Lawyers: Amanda H. Halstead of Mills Halstead and Zaludek

Submitted: 06/29/2021


El Paso District Court

CWC Income Properties 6 LLC v. BABH LLC d / b / a Eden Salon; Andria Livingston, Sasha Livingston; and Hannah Batista

Plaintiff claims that Defendants breached a commercial lease at 600 S. 21st St., Suite 125, Colorado Springs dated May 21, 2018, and that by January 1, 2021 they owed $ 20,639.25 in rent and with total area. costs continue to accumulate.

Lawyers: Lindsay Ressler and Kalieg Fields

Posted: 07/06/2021


Main Street Center LLC v. Center of Excellence in Higher Education Inc. d / b / a College America

Plaintiff claims that Respondent rented the first and second floors of a building on 2020-2050 North Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, for a 10-year term that began on October 1, 2013, but did not pay in May, June and July 2021. and, despite vacating the premises, it still has lease obligations.

Lawyers: Scott Gelman and Gabriel Gelman of Gelman & Norberg

Submitted: 07/09/2021


Jefferson District Court

Colorado Mills Mall Limited Partnership v. 5280 Burger Bar Colorado Mills LLC; Don Redlinger; and Julie Redlinger

Pursuant to a lease dated November 15, 2019, a Burger Bar tenant rented premises at 14500 W. Colfax Ave., Room 345A, Lakewood, did not take possession of the premises and did not start work as a tenant under the lease. Claimant asserts that the tenant left the premises and owes $ 555,392.92, including the annual base rent accrued prior to November 3, 2030, i.e. natural expiration of the lease.

Lawyers: John G. Lubitz, Adam B. Vince and Amy T. Johnson of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith

Posted: 07/06/2021


U.S. District Courthouse

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