The company is appropriately raising $ 9 million in Series A to offer automated accounting for the real estate industry


“The incredible demand we’ve seen since launch has proven that the industry is hungry for more efficient, scalable and cost-effective accounting solutions. With the A-Series, we are doubling down on product development and scaling our business operations, ”he said. said Mark Rojas, founder and CEO of Proper. “This year we are focused on developing cutting edge automated accounting services in addition to building our customer-centric platform.”

Matt Risley QED joins the Board

Joining the board of directors is Matt Risley, partner of QED. Matt is a financial technology expert who was previously CFO at Klarna, where he oversaw a sprawling accounting organization with over $ 1 billion in revenue. Matt has invested in a number of successful accounting, payments and fintech companies.

“We at QED are always looking for companies that can improve the overall efficiency of the economy as a whole, and Proper does just that, removing the tedious task of the back office and allowing property managers to focus on scaling their business,” he said. Matt Risley, partner of QED. “Proper creates the most complete accounting and bookkeeping solution for the real estate industry, and I am confident that their approach to combining automated software and hands-on expert services will enable Proper to become a category leader. QED is the ideal partner given our track record of over 150 investments that enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with a focus on the things they love the most. ”

Team growth and strategic hiring

Serie A will support the growth of the Proper team, including several new hires. During 2020, the team grew from 15 employees to 92, and in the first half of 2021 it has already increased to 120 people, and it is planned to recruit about 200 people by the end of the year. Hiring priorities include managing operations, sales, marketing, human resources and recruiting. Correct welcomes several new team members who will drive the development of its automated accounting services:

  • Bruno SelvaProduct Manager – Bruno gained in-depth knowledge of mixing automation and product development at Automation Anywhere, where he led the AI ​​product line. Bruno’s previous experience includes building successful startups in the automation industry and bringing new products to market.
  • Jeff Steward, Head of Automated Services – Jeff has over 20 years of experience leading initiatives that are transforming finance and accounting teams into world-class general service organizations. Prior to joining Proper, Jeff was the Owner of Global Process at Uber, Director of General Services at GoDaddy and VP of General Services at Oakwood, where he gained experience in the real estate business.
  • Paul Sanchez, Director of Automated Services – Paul is an experienced CFO who has successfully built and scaled financial operations and processes. Before joining Proper, Paul spent 11 years at HP, most recently as Director of FP&A North America and prior to that as Director of Global Financial Solutions.

Customer enthusiasm

Correct allows property and asset managers to ditch bookkeeping so they can focus on running their business. To improve customer profitability and overall transaction volume, Proper’s services offerings have been proven to include accounts payable, bank reconciliations, accounts receivable, and owner payments and reports. The Proper automated platform is supported by a team of accountants with deep knowledge of property management. The A Series will be used to further develop automated accounting technology in addition to a customer-centric platform that provides a detailed picture and analysis of their finances, and allows easy communication with our service team.

With The Right Property Manager with 1000 doors, he will make 63% more profit, spend 45% less on bookkeeping per year, and will not have zero costs in the ledgers. Improving efficiency, improving accuracy and saving time, Proper delivers scalable, high-quality services that cost 30% less than proprietary asset tracking solutions.

Several good quality clients shared their positive experiences and the growth in the number of doors since starting work with the proper:

  • Dakota Pacific the number of doors increased by 37% after 7 months of using Proper. Peter Owen, Controller Dakota Pacific said, “We see Proper as an integral part of our team and we are also impressed with their industry knowledge of relevant accounting procedures that save us time and prevent potential mistakes. We appreciate their continuous improvement in month-end performance and their partnership in improving the performance of our business. ”
  • PMI Commonwealth In less than a year working with Proper, the number of doors has grown by 13%. Michael Johnson, PMI Commonwealth President shared: “The right thing is worth the money. They not only identify bugs, but they also free up hours of my time, allowing me to focus on other important responsibilities, such as meeting current and future clients, so I can grow my business. They are professional, competent, helpful and friendly. “

To learn more about Proper, go to or refer to [email protected]

About own

Proper creates the most advanced automated accounting solution designed specifically for the real estate industry. Correct provides expert accounting and bookkeeping services to property managers, asset managers and anyone else who works in the real estate business. By leveraging automation to empower a team of Fortune 500 qualified financial professionals, Proper delivers more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable property accounting services.


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