The Agent’s Guide to Navigating the Sea of ​​Real Estate Technology



From iBuyers to concierge service, the real estate industry has been disrupted by several technology solutions over the past decade. Along with them came fears that technology would replace the personal, human experience provided by agents, ultimately changing the industry for the worse.

Based on research by Mike DelPret Real Estate New Models 2021 Report, we rely on REALTORS® to remain at the center of transactions for decades to come. Those who choose to harness real estate technology and the opportunities it presents will come forward.

So how can you use some of these changes – including those that appear to be powerful forces working against agents – to your advantage? It’s simple, and you’ve been doing it right from the start of your real estate career: educate and guide. DelPret himself says: “The winners are brokers and agents who educate consumers and enable them to make the right choices.”

There is a reason why content marketers put a lot of emphasis on education. It all comes down to trust. People by nature trust those who teach them. By passing on your extensive knowledge of the industry, market conditions, and customer opportunities, you show that you are not only well versed in the industry, but also capable of guiding your customers. Plus, by not excluding or limited to specific home buying and selling options, you are showing that you can guide customers not only through any home sale, but also through their sale. There are several opportunities to position yourself as expert guidance already built into most real estate marketing programs. Let’s take a look at a few!


Video marketing may seem like a monster to beat, but it’s worth it – and most importantly, it’s just getting started. Agents have had great success with videos that are not overproduced, and in many cases, low-production videos look more authentic, making them even more trustworthy. Curbio Clients, Ann Rossley in Chicago and Katherine Weir Seattle has several other playable video styles that seem to rely mainly on recording and slicing, which can be done with an iPhone and QuickTime or Canva. Both agents deliver fantastic educational content through video marketing, positioning themselves as expert guides in the long run.


Events are another great way to educate and engage with potential customers. Events – From educational events (such as a beginner’s in the home masterclass) to fun parties that give you educational information, events are an incredibly versatile marketing tactic.

Make sure your guests have the option to invite their friends and family so you can broaden your horizons. You can also expand the reach of your events by making them digital. Stream live from your event and share photos after the event to show your network how much fun you are at your events!

Meetings with clients

You already have client meetings and provide educational content before, during, and after – but can you share with others? By not excluding certain options, such as iBuyers, from your presentation, you will signal to clients that you are truly ready to design the perfect process for them, rather than just pushing a standard process that works for you. To position yourself as an expert guide, you need to keep up with all the options available and implement different solutions into your marketing programs and home selling process.

Of course, as buyers and sellers learn more about the investment potential of their homes and home improvement suggestions, concierge services are becoming a must. Hundreds of agents across the country are already using Curbio to meet their housing and business needs. Find out more about how you can provide your clients with a real estate concierge service that is unmatched in our fast, on-demand introductory webinar


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