The 25 largest residential real estate transactions in March 2021


Check out the biggest housing deals for March 2021

As provided by Columbus Dispatch researcher Julie Fulton. Statistics are collected from the Greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.

  1. 1,550,000 US dollars; 4026 Bowman Grant, New Albany; 1 Crescent LLC by Julie and Paul Liu
  2. USD 1,508,000; 648 Mohawk St., Columbus; Mohamed A. Warsame and Muna S. Ali from Mohawk 648 LLC
  3. USD 1,500,000; 6477 Quarry Lane, Columbus; D. Rex Elsass, Trustee, Bruce W. and Joan Evans
  4. USD 1,450,000; 7662 Cook Rd., Plain City; Rene and Joe Robert Joseph Jr. of Vincent Guinn
  5. USD 1,385,000; 1780 Jewett Road, Powell; Philip G. Popovich and Dana M. McTeague of Shelley B. Milano and Susan J. Rock
  6. USD 1,350,000; 150 Back Street, Columbus; Hayley Morgan and Max Brickman from the movie Paige and Richard S. Langdale
  7. 1,300,000 US dollars; 4994 Pesaro Way, Dublin; Anne B. Mlickey, Trustee, Donald R. and Pamela M. Creel
  8. 1,300,000 US dollars; 7239 Waterston, New Albany; Blame and Chetna Arya from Stacy Beth and Daniel Ryan
  9. USD 1,235,000; 11363 Winterberry Doctor, Plains City; Ola L. and Charles Snow of CarGen Holdings LLC
  10. USD 1,225,000 2118 Woodland Hall Dr., Delaware; Daniel L. McClerg of Joe R. Joseph II
  11. USD 1,200,000; 250 Ashbourne Road, Bexley; Michael Sean Kubbaz and Sarah Elizabeth Brewer of Nathan A.M. and Leah A.B. Keyes
  12. 1,135,000 US dollars; 600 Woods Hollow Lane, Powell; Paul Zaleski by Stephen Joseph Tchoban
  13. 1,100,000 US dollars; 209 S. Columbia Ave., Bexley; Gilly P. and Allison B. Zofan by Jeffrey M. and Jennifer B. McCloskey
  14. 1,100,000 US dollars; 9466 Vista Point Dr., Thornville; Bruce and Shelby Daniels by Michael W. and Mary M. Anderson
  15. 1,050,000 US dollars; 324 Drexel Ave., Bexley; Russell and Chloe Johnston from the movie by Mark and Kimberly Miller
  16. 975,000 US dollars; 13931 Whispering Ct. Northwest, Pickerington; Muhammad Khokhar and Sobia Salim by Galina S. Ritchie
  17. 965,000 US dollars; 425 Sycamore St., Columbus; John P. Hanna and Christopher W. Beatty by Joseph R. and Carol R. Ryan
  18. 950,000 US dollars; 2028 Loch Lomond, Dr. Powell; Osama and Sana R. Kravesh of Girraj K. and Vina Bansal
  19. 945,000 US dollars; 8625 Dunblane Ct., Dublin; Joshua B. and Natalie A. Rubin by Jack R. and Helen Harper
  20. 915,000 US dollars; 181 Thurman Ave., Columbus; Ricardo Ruiz and Heather Kleinman by Kristen E. and Anthony E. Kanda
  21. 899,000 US dollars; 241 Ashbourne Road, Bexley; Daniel J. & Jessica J. Bennett by Michael Sean Kubbaz and Sarah Brewer
  22. 899,000 US dollars; 7833 Calverton Sq., New Albany; Daniel and Stacy Ryan from the movie Abul K. Ahsan and Rachel Karim
  23. 890,000 US dollars; 1755 Dartmoor Lane, Delaware; Craig and Heather Lerman by Brian P. and Shannon D. Steyblain
  24. 875,000 US dollars; 270 E. Third Avenue, Columbus; Tony E. Hudson and Derek Benseler of Jody W. Dirkscheide
  25. 865,000 US dollars; 1073 Ravine Ridge Dr., Columbus; Nathan Charles Parry and Heather R. McCloud by Jimmy S. and Reekka Smith

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