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The 2007-2009 recession in the United States spawned the investment phenomenon as people looked for new sources of income. People started buying undervalued homes amid collapsing real estate markets across the country, refurbishing them and offering them to new buyers.

Many still remain on the sidelines, but significant cash investments are required, and profitability generally falls. Enter Fund That Flip, a company that streamlines the real estate investment process for its clients and specifically caters to passive investors. Fund That Flip has also enabled more people to invest by lowering minimum investment amounts. Through the company, it is now possible to invest in pre-vetted real estate projects for as little as $ 1,000, when most passive investment opportunities historically started with an investment of $ 50,000. Fund That Flip also scrutinizes every loan and less than 8% of applicants are approved for funding.

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Fund That Flip got rid of the administrative work associated with passive real estate investing, working with thousands of developers who renovate and build new homes with money from accredited investors at 8-12% per annum. A national company with offices in New York and Cleveland, Fund That Flip provides pre-verified, secured real estate loans to accredited passive investors who can earn as little as $ 1,000 annual return on investment.

The company allows investors to purchase fractional shares of the loans they provide by offering an online platform that provides a transparent investment process that allows them to build their portfolios. The lower minimum investment allows Fund That Flip clients to quickly diversify across projects, borrowers and geographic regions. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, it also provides investors with all the underwriting and due diligence information before investing.

One of the things Fund That Flip shouldn’t do is convince its investors of the benefits of owning real estate in their investment portfolios. But now real estate crowdfunding has changed the game for many investors, allowing them to access their desired asset class from their laptops and smartphones.

One of the most important differences between individuals investing in real estate on the Internet is understanding the difference between debt and equity financing. In debt-based crowdfunding, also known as debt lending, an investor invests in a security of some kind. And debt investments are generally considered less risky than equity investments because they are backed by the position of the first pledge on the real asset.

Many investors are familiar with the concept of a real estate investment fund (REIT), which allows investors to invest in real estate without buying it. REITs may require higher maintenance costs and fees, with most of the expected returns going to portfolio managers rather than investors. But real estate crowdfunding offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by pooling capital with other investors. This is why Fund That Flip can provide investment opportunities for as little as $ 1000.

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