Texas Real Estate Pearl Faces Insurance Fraud



They say a fresh coat of paint or better staging can help sell a house left on the market. Meanwhile, a woman from Harker Heights, Texas, thought that a can of gasoline could help her in dire financial straits.

Britney Alandria Parks is charged with multiple felonies, including arson, reckless burning, disaster risk and filing a fake insurance claim after she was accused of setting up her home in 2020 after being unable to sell it, Triblive.com reports.

In a criminal complaint cited by the new publication, the Texas Fire Department said Ms. Parks had tried to move and sell the house by August 2020 with “negative results.” According to the article, on the day of the fire, Ms. Parks spent the day removing household items and property to a remote storage location.

Witnesses and former friends of Ms. Parks told investigators that she asked them to renovate the house so she could sell it, which led to the discovery of “unexpected structural defects.” They told police that Ms. Parks said she was tired of fixing everything and commented on the size of the home’s insurance coverage, and later made “offers” to pay friends to help set fire to her home, the article said.


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