Texas Real Estate Agent Pled Guilty to Capitol Riot



Real estate agent Frisco, who, along with hundreds of others, stormed the US Capitol on January 6, pleaded guilty to his involvement in the uprising.

As part of a plea agreement, 51-year-old Jennifer Lee “Jenna” Ryan pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor for deliberately marching, demonstrating or picketing inside the Capitol during the riots.

Ryan presented his request at a virtual hearing before a judge in Washington DC after agreeing to cooperate with prosecutors.

The real estate agent, who, according to authorities, flew from Denton to Washington with two other suspects, faces a maximum of six months in prison and a $ 5,000 fine.

As part of a plea agreement, Ryan agreed to pay $ 500 in damages for the riots. As of May 17, officials estimated that rioters caused damage to the Capitol in the amount of $ 1,495,326.65.

Her sentence is set for November 4 in Washington.

Ryan was arrested on January 15 and charged. with several federal charges after she posted videos and photos of herself during the riots on social media.

According to a federal criminal complaint, here are examples of her involvement in the January 6 riots:

At 1:41 pm, Ryan posted a video on Facebook in which she announced that she was going to “go and storm the Capitol.” Seconds later, she posted another video as she walked towards the Capitol.

At 3:21 pm Ryan and two of her friends are seen on surveillance video entering the Capitol Building through the door of the Rotunda. While inside, Ryan chants to the crowd in the video, “Fight for Trump.” A fire alarm is heard during the video.

At 7:28 pm, real estate agent Frisco tweeted, “Today was a perfect example of what an American is.”

At about 6:42 pm on January 7, Ryan tweeted: “We just stormed the Capitol. It was one of the best days of my life. “

This report contains information from the Associated Press.

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