Texas-based reality TV star sues for sexual assault against 16-year-old girl in California – East Bay Times



Her lawyers announced on Tuesday that a Texas-based developer and TV host, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, is suing the teenager.

A civil lawsuit filed Monday in a Texas court accuses William Hutchinson of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl and alleges that his development company, Dunhill Partners, and staff at the Virgin Hotels Dallas, which he co-owns, allowed the abuse.

The lawsuit alleges that the 63-year-old Hutchinson used his wealth and power to court a girl named Jane Doe in court documents before raping her in Texas and California. He also accuses the multimillionaire property developer of supplying Jane Doe and other girls with alcohol and marijuana as they traveled through his Florida and California properties and a resort in Arizona.

“Mr. Hutchinson will soon learn the hard lesson that wealth, power and fame do not give anyone a license to sexually abuse children in Texas or anywhere else,” said Charles Sochting, Jr., a Texas lawyer who is one of those who represents the girl in a statement of claim.

Hutchinson’s lawyers who previously denied the criminal charges he faces, also dismissed the civil action charges.

“I believe that filing this lawsuit revealed to the public what we always knew: it was really about money,” said Levi McCathern, an attorney representing Hutchinson. “The accusations in support of criminal and civil cases were and always were false, and we look forward to showing this in court.”

The lawsuit accuses Dunhill Partners, the developer company of which Hutchinson is co-founded, of helping finance the alleged sexual assault, alleging that Hutchinson used travel accounts and company property. He also claims that staff at the Virgin Hotel in Dallas regularly gave alcohol to the girls at Hutchinson’s direction and that Hutchinson got Jane Doe and her friend to work at the hotel.

“Bill Hutchinson is credibly accused by many law enforcement agencies of sexually assaulting teenagers,” John Manley, a prominent Irvine-based victim rights lawyer who also represents the girl, said in a statement. “He used his money, power and business, including his sister hotel Virgin in Dallas, to look after his victims. We intend to detain him and everyone who allowed him to be prosecuted, including the Virgin Hotel. ”

Representatives for Dunhill Partners and Virgin Hotel Dallas did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Tuesday afternoon regarding the lawsuit.

Along with his outstanding development projects, which through Dunhill Partners include the Laguna Design Center in Laguna Niguel, Hutchinson is best known for his appearance on the Lifetime series Marrying Millions, which highlights his relationship with a woman 40 years his junior.

During a performance on July 13 at the Newport Beach Courthouse, Hutchinson pleaded not guilty to one count of raping an unconscious man and five counts of sexual assault. He also denied sexual assault charges in Highland Park, Texas.

According to a new civil lawsuit, Jane Doe met Hutchinson after befriending teenage girls who lived at his home in Highland Park. She eventually moved in with Hutchinson and his family so that she could finish her first year at Highland Park High School and stay with a friend when her parents moved to Fort Worth, according to her attorneys.

The lawsuit alleges that Hutchinson first raped a girl sometime between April 1 and 5, 2021, at his home in Laguna Beach.

The girl’s lawyers wrote that it all started with the fact that Hutchinson massaged her, touched her and put her on his lap while they were in the hot tub at home. The next morning the girl woke up and saw Hutchinson looking at her; The next morning she woke up to find him rubbing against her, and the next morning she was awakened by the fact that he raped her, according to the lawsuit.

The girl was left “confused” and “ashamed,” but she still felt “indebted to Hutchinson for what she considered to be a tremendous generosity,” her lawyers wrote.


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