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Wellesley, Massachusetts – TRAX Development and EMBARC hosted a grand celebration on Wednesday June 23rd to celebrate the launch of TERRAZZA Wellesley, the new urban
Residential project at 100 Linden Street, scheduled to open in spring 2023. The Wellesley townspeople were there to welcome this milestone for the city.

“We are grateful to Wellesley for their joint efforts to work with us and EMBARC to find a creative solution for an underutilized site,” said Nick Ogonovski.
TRAX Development Manager. “We have been given a unique opportunity to create a very special urban oasis that will also allow current residents to stay in Wellesley.”

The 82,000-square-foot, three-story residential project offers a whole new level of luxury living for those seeking unparalleled sophistication in a comfortable countryside setting.
TERRAZZA Wellesley consists of 35 elaborate condominiums of various sizes.
from 770 to 2400 square feet, with personalized details, luxurious details and everyday

The one, two and three bedroom homes have elaborate amenities including a full range of concierge, valet, sports simulator, bike storage and workshop, pet.
washing machine, fully equipped fitness center and private event space. Everyone
The residence has its own open space – patio, balcony or roof terrace.

In addition, the hotel is 4 minutes’ walk from downtown Wellesley and 27 km from the vibrant city of Boston.

The main goal of EMBARC was to construct the building in such a way that it not only harmoniously combines
with his entourage, but also respectful of the place where he is located. The name TERRAZZA (the Italian word for terraces) derives from a design approach to terracing the architectural narrative, taking into account the unique topographic qualities of the place. The team has created a series of terraces, staircases and plazas that take you from exterior to interior, navigating through a series of carefully selected spaces into an open secluded landscape oasis.

The exterior of the building uses an unexpected play of materials, including the elongated corsa brick that adorns the first level of the building. From here it flows seamlessly into residential levels, with cladding varying in a variety of colors and formats, creating a timeless rhythm on all of its facades. Custom-made interiors by nature have been created to provide a simple yet elegant design that is equally functional and beautiful.

“It was a truly magnificent process, working hand in hand with the city, its members, various councils and the community to completely change what was once thought to be
damage to the city, ”said Dartagnan Brown, founder and CEO of EMBARC. “And now,
Eighteen months later, with the unanimous support of the community, we are delighted to see TERRAZZA being built. This is a testament to our collective efforts as architects and developers, as well as the willingness and hospitality of citizens to work with us. “

“TERRAZZA Wellesley is truly a reflection of the collaboration of many people.
and constituencies in our community, ”said Tom Ulfelder, chairman of the Wellesley City Council. “City officials and employees, local developers and neighbors worked together to find a way to build new housing. As a community, we have worked with a common goal of building housing that offers new opportunities for home ownership.
Opportunities that include affordable options within walking distance of our shops, restaurants and central public transportation, while maintaining the character of this

Soon a shopping gallery will be available for potential buyers to get acquainted with the property – in more detail
information is available on the TERRAZZA Wellesley website. Advisors Living is a brokerage company
firm for this project. “Wellesley is one of the most sought-after and strongest single-family housing markets in the region, and with the addition of TERRAZZA, for the first time in a decade, we will be able to bring to market a new standard of luxury condominium housing for the city’s residents. city, ”said Janice Dumont, CEO of Advisors Living.

RISE Construction Management is the general contractor for the project; EMBARC is
architect and designer; VERDANT – landscape architect; McKenzie Engineering Group is
civil engineer and surveyor; Vanasse & Associates – Transportation Engineer; H + O
Structural Engineers – Civil Engineer; Wrestling | Barbar & Associates – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer; SLS Consulting is a code consultant.

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