TD Jakes Real Estate Ventures Plans Mixed Use and Mixed Income Project in Fort McPherson



TD Jakes Real Estate Ventures intends to develop a mixed, mixed income project on a 94.5 acre site in Fort Macpherson– said this week. The announcement comes after the Dallas-based company won the right to buy the site last week. Fort Mac Local Redevelopment Authority

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The redevelopment agency also decided to sell an additional 37.5 acres of property in Fort MacPherson last week. Tyler Perry to expand Tyler perry studios… The actor and producer already owns over 330 acres of Fort Macpherson.

TD Jakes announced this week that his project will be adjacent to Tyler Perry Studios, between him and Lee Street and on the south side of Fort McPherson. The company said that in addition to housing and retail for people of different incomes, its project will include an entertainment component with shops, restaurants and a theater district open to the public.

On the acquisition, TDJREV and Tyler Perry agreed to pay $ 29 million and $ 8.4 million, respectively. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported last week that

“Our vision for development will reflect important, inclusive discussions, outreach and community contributions to ensure Atlanta citizens have access to affordable new housing and cultural space right in their ancestral neighborhoods,” Jakes said in a statement.

“We share the belief of the City of Atlanta that the redevelopment of this fertile area is critical to Atlanta’s future growth.”

TDJREV did not respond to requests for comment on its development plans.

A track record of spiritual leader and real estate developer includes Capella Park, a community of over 400 acres in Dallas.

“My vision is to create an oasis for working families in our cities, guiding them towards economic viability through financial literacy programs, jobs, mixed-income housing and multi-generational options that are so essential to a better society.” Jakes said in an announcement this week.


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