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Auckland News Now – Tax Issues on Auckland IRS Loan – In 1996, the official Sayed City team playing at the Colosseum received in return – a video created by the YouTube channel in the upper left corner of the video.

Oakland IRS Loan Tax Problem – In 1996, the City paid money to an NFL team playing at the Colosseum.

A full in-depth report can be found at Auckland News.

In short, the IRS did not come after the Raiders due to Oakland’s non-recourse loan problem. And this does not mean that there are other tax problems.

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Tax Issue of IRS Loan of Oakland Raiders – In 1996, City Official Says Gaming at the Colosseum Pays Off | Auckland News Now Link to source Tax Issue of IRS Loan of Oakland Raiders – In 1996, City Official Says Gaming at the Colosseum Pays Off | Auckland News Now


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