Tammy Abraham’s Arsenal Update


Arsenal are considering loaning Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham. The reports seem to come from The S * n, which we are not linking to, but the rumors of a translation have gained enough popularity that most other publications have backed them up. The loan will reportedly be accompanied by a pledge of £ 40 million at the end of next season, which is fine as Arsenal will have to replenish the striker’s pantry soon anyway.

Abraham, 23, is homegrown with 15 Premier League goals and two 20+ league goals. Last year, he scored 12 goals (6 in the Premier League) in 32 appearances in all competitions, playing mainly from the bench at the PL. He also shoots the xG monster, but not the peddler – he ends up attacking techniques. Scott Willis, (@oh_that_crab) tweeted some graphics borrowed from Abraham’s very good 2019-20 season when he was a regular player.

In a vacuum, I like to move. Abraham is a good young player and Arsenal will need a striker sooner or later because Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is 32 and his contract ended at the end of the 22-23 season. Alexander Lacazette’s contract expires at the end of this season and has no future in North London. Eddie Nketia may leave this summer and I’m still not sure if he is good enough to be a regular at Arsenal. Folarin Balogun was just climbed to the first team and has 76 minutes of adult soccer experience.

If Arsenal leases Abraham, I think a few more things should happen (and probably will). I think Eddie Nketia will be sold. Alexander Lacazette could to be sold too, but I’m not sure there is a big market for it right now. Most likely, this summer he will play the deal and leave for free. I think that of the two, Lacazette is much more likely to have a meaningful impact on Arsenal this season, so I wouldn’t mind if he stayed and played for the club for another year. Nketiya is of great value because of his age and status as a homebrew person, and he may receive a fee to help close another deal.

I would also like for Folarin Balogun to borrow somewhere where he will play regularly; he needs the first team, senior protocols, even if it’s a championship. This season he will not have the necessary minutes to develop at Arsenal – he is the fourth in the hierarchy. The addition of Abraham would have moved Balogun further in depth. In addition: even though Balogun is highly regarded and we represent his prospects, he is not nailed to the goal of becoming the star / striker of the future Arsenal.

The club would do well to acquire proven Premier League player Tammy Abraham. And, to be honest, the move is not bad, regardless of Folarin Balogun. Arsenal will need a striker soon. I think £ 40m is a fair price for a proven young player with significant upside potential. This is a good deal in my book.

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