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In early August 2021, the Biden administration announced plans to extend its current student loan assistance program. Prior to this announcement, the current moratorium was due to end in September. However, the leaders returned that date to January 31, 2022. decide The team has highlighted five key points of this latest expansion below.

1. There are no other Extenational

According to the Biden administration, this will be the “last” extension Considering. However, a legally binding contract does not prevent you from issuing additional renewals. However, student loan borrowers should be ready to start repaying in February 2022.

2. By the beginning of 2022, changes in the service center are possible.

The current administration did not explain exactly why it decided to propose this expansion. However, many lawmakers have expressed concern about future changes to federal student loan services that could affect debtors.

Currently, the two largest federal student loan servicing agencies are FedLoan Servicing and Granite State Management. Both of these organizations have contracts with the Ministry of Education until the end of the year.

Unfortunately, none of the service centers are planning to renew the contract. This means that millions of accounts will be transferred to the new loan agent.

3. The frozen months must be considered eligible for loan forgiveness.

Perhaps the best news with this extension is that suspended months still count towards various loan forgiveness programs. These months are counted as if the debtor was paying when determining the loan forgiveness eligibility. The suspension month is also associated with the loan rehabilitation program.

4. Federal student loan is the only debt covered.

The biggest disadvantage of this extension is that it only applies to federal student loans. Those with private student loan debt do not receive any protection from this plan.

This includes the following types of student loan debt:

● Credit to Perkins

● Private student loan.

● FFEL loan is in good condition.

However, the FFEL loan is by default protected by the latest renewal. If you are in debt on a private student loan, you will have to seek other remedies.

Perhaps the best way to deal with private student loan debt is to look for fact-based debt settlement. This approach is safe and effective because you need to work with an experienced debt settlement attorney. These lawyers can help you pay off your debt in full.

5. There is no student loan cancellation plan.

Since the inauguration of the Biden administration, millions of current and former students have wanted to withdraw their loans entirely. There are currently no specific plans to achieve this goal.

The administration continues to review the legality of the administrative measures to revoke the loan, but has made no further announcements about its progress.

In the meantime, those with federal student loan debt will have to hold their breath and wait until the month of the moratorium ends. For those with a private loan, it is best to seek the help of a lawyer to pay off the debt.

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