Surfside collapse could affect South Florida real estate



The collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium building resulted in personal destructive impact on the residents of Surfisde, and may also have economic consequences.

Real estate experts say buying and selling condos in other Surfside buildings – and along the entire coastline – could be hurt because buyers fear it could happen to them.

“Now everyone will want to know if their building is safe,” says legendary Miami Beach real estate broker Jill Herzberg, saddened and appalled by the collapse of this luxury property.

She says some of her elite buyers have called with questions about the structural integrity of their buildings.

“Everyone says, first of all, they have a very bad heart, what can they do to help [the people of Surfside]- said Herzberg. “But then, you know, everyone looks at themselves and wants to know if their building is safe, if they are all right. And I think people will ask and check.


Building codes in South Florida are strict, but oceanfront apartments are failing. Sea water is corrosive.

However, condominiums don’t collapse unexpectedly.

“How could a building collapse so easily?” This was stated by Governor Ron DeSantis at a press conference on Friday.

He wants to get answers soon. It’s the same with Surfside leaders.

“Why did this happen, could it happen again and other buildings in the city are under threat?” City Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer told Local 10 News on Thursday

Real estate around the Champlain Towers is popular. A tragic collapse could have cooled him down.

“The market was extremely strong, especially after the COVID hit,” Herzberg said. “And especially in this area, Surfside and Bal Harbor, they had a market that didn’t exist before. The houses are for sale.


“And Champlain has always been a very beautiful building. It is located right by the ocean. … It’s just one of those things that all you can do now is just try to go ahead and make sure everything is safe again and that will raise awareness. “

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