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Gentry forms key partnerships

Gentry Real Estate brings Zoodealio iBuyer platform capabilities to its 150 agents in Arizona.

Gilbert, Arizona, USA, June 24, 2021 / – Noble property announced partnership with Zoodealio Today. This strategic partnership will provide agents and clients with a solution that will enable them to compete on a more level playing field with traditional iBuyers buyers. Owner Spencer Caldwell said, “We are delighted to offer this technology. We believe this gives clients, agents and brokers a competitive edge. The bottom line is to help sellers close a good deal as quickly as possible, no gimmicks – no hype. Only real market price proposals ”.

Agents use this product to help sellers decide how to sell. Sometimes an instant offer will be the best solution, and sometimes it will not, but it gives the opportunity to provide a real offer in cash in almost real time and offer excellent service to customers anyway. It will be an outstanding search tool for agents, and the learning curve is very short, in reality, agents can be up and running in a day.

“We can get the conversation going, and most of our hiring is happening organically because Gentry invests in delivering consumer-centric solutions,” said Andrew McLellan, appointed broker for Gentry Real Estate. “Zoodealio is the perfect addition to our unparalleled technology offerings. It’s good for clients, agents and the firm, ”McLellan added.

Zoodealio is the first available instant cash offer website and interactive multi-offer dashboard that puts the agent at the center of the real estate transaction and protects homeowners’ capital from the buyer.

“This partnership will help us expand our agent base and help our agents sell more homes at better prices for sellers. The seller even has the opportunity to take advantage of any advantage when the investor sells the property, ”Caldwell said.


About Gentry Real Estate – Gentry Agents work hard from start to finish to process your real estate transaction as accurately and efficiently as possible. With a focus on investment and luxury real estate markets, Gentry agents understand the intricacies of real estate transactions. Gentry is committed to forging relationships with the best in the business in finance, title, insurance, inspection and more to ensure that every client is treated with the highest standards.

About Zoodealio – Zoodealio is committed to ushering in a new era of iBuying and lead generation software. Their “Interactive Multi-Offer Dashboard” provides consumers with an offer management system and a tool to interact with agents not previously on the market. The proven Zoodealio website with money propositions to attract leads provides agents with the opportunity to compete with iBuyers for leads and an edge over other agents in their market. For more information visit

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