Summer 2021 Asheville Real Estate Market Review from Coldwell Banker King


What is the current state of the Asheville property market? | Photo courtesy of Coldwell Banker King

Earlier this year, local pros in Caldwell Banker King answered your questions about real estate – referring to topics from availability to closing costs to house inventory On the market.

Now that it’s official in summer, we wanted to return with CB King’s real estate professionals and get updated market status here in Asheville Here’s what they said:

Q: What is the state of the real estate market now?

BUT: In a global pandemic, the real estate market staying strongreflecting rise in selling prices and number of houses sold

Q: What problems do buyers and sellers face?

BUT: Until low interest rates and remote work opportunities encourage shoppers to buy, lack of inventory complicates the task, as a result bidding war as well as overpriced sales figures for sellers.

Q: What advice do you have for those looking to buy or sell a house?

BUT: If you are in the market to buy or sell using verified real estate agent guiding you throughout the entire process is key to success as the market is constantly changing and fast paced.

Need a visual? CB King created this infographics for us to help illustrate that current home sales look like in Buncombe County:

Image courtesy of CB King

CB King works 65 offices in the area (Downtown, Biltmore Park, Burnsville, Columbus / Tryon, Waynesville + Hendersonville). Learn more about how they can help you buy or sell your home in the AVL area.

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