Suburban real estate may be affected by a moratorium on evictions



SANIBEL ISLAND, Florida. As July draws to a close, there will also be a nationwide moratorium on evictions.

The moratorium was extended by a month to help millions of renters unable to pay their rent. But there is a definite trend ahead of the close.

“It’s not very common for Sanibel.”

Exactly one week from now, homeowners across Lee County could face eviction. Ann and John Gee own a holiday real estate company on Sanibel Island. While they generally do not see evictions, it can have lasting impact on their business.

“I believe I had a listing in Fort Myers, maybe we could be involved,” says Ann, real estate broker John Gee & Company. “We are not personally involved in this, but the owner had to evict the tenant, which is difficult to find himself in when he sold his property.”

This time, 89 evictions were recorded in Lee County last year. Since then, that number has doubled, and this year it has doubled. The latest eviction data filed in Lee County is from April, with a total of 171 people.

“I can imagine that it will indeed be officially recorded, and I can also imagine that it creates problems for them trying to buy a house because of their credit history,” said Ann.

On the other hand, rental property sales are growing. There are more vacation homes this summer, when the winter is usually heavier.

“Normally, I would say we would have 300 homes for sale, maybe about 200 apartments,” Ann said. “We currently have about 27 houses for sale and 17 apartments, so the stock is very low.”

And this territory is not cheap. Gee says if you want to pay the weekly rent for a condominium on Sanibel Island, get ready.

“The closer you get to the Gulf of Mexico with a great view, or the better the conditions, I would say that during the season you can run anywhere during the season, I would say between $ 2 and $ 3,000 per week, and in some cases and more, ”said John. “This is a special event. when they come here. “

It is enough even to make them stay.

Anne said: “They love the beach, they love that it is 70% protected, and the wildlife and that it is just a nice, relaxing community to live in.”


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