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Inman is pleased to announce the launch of Extra Credit, a new email newsletter focused on the booming mortgage, title, settlement and escrow industries.

Combining the latest news, big trends and interesting people and companies’ profiles, Extra Credit is designed to help smart professionals keep an eye on the future of digital transactions.

Extra Credit subscriptions are free. Come here to sign up for an additional loan now

What is it? Fresh new email newsletter covering the booming mortgage, title, settlement and escrow industries.

Who is it for? The entire ecosystem of the real estate industry – agents and brokers; mortgage specialists, brokers and service providers; Specialists in titles, escrow and settlement; as well as software developers, executives, entrepreneurs and investors who are working on a real estate transaction.

Why different? Forget the alphabet soup that makes so many mortgages and closing deals unaffordable and unreliable: this is the first of its kind, smart, fast and easy access to mortgage newsletter. It focuses on technologies shaping and reshaping the industry, embracing the rhythm with an eye on the future of digital transactions and how smart professionals can stay ahead.

Here’s an example of what we’ll look at:

  • Technology (automation of processes such as collecting data on borrowers and property, assessing and communicating with partners – everything that saves time, money and grief)
  • Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions (to attract customers, technology and other services)
  • Marketing (identifying channels and methods that will maximize your return on investment)
  • Finance (secondary mortgage markets and matters regulated by Fannie, Freddie, etc.)
  • Regulations (fair credit laws, data privacy, and regulations such as the RESPA that may impede partnerships)
  • Surprises! (new startups are changing the rules of the game, consumer behavior, etc.)

We’d love to hear from you. Send us tips, story ideas and feedback at

As well as, subscribe for free if you haven’t already… The first issue comes out this afternoon, and thereafter – every Wednesday.

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