Student loans can be obtained from October 1st – here are the answers to 10 popular questions



Student loan payments may be renewed from October 1, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know – and what does it mean for your student loans

Student loans

Unless President Joe Biden renews the student loan exemption, which includes a temporary suspension of student loan disbursements for federal student loans, then your student loan payments will be due again starting October 1, 2021. If this happens, you may have a million questions. Your head is about ending the payment pause on student loans. Here are the answers to 10 popular questions:

1. Are payments due on my federal student loan on October 1, 2021?

If Biden does not renew the student loan exemption, September 30 will be the last day. This means that student loan payments will resume from October 1, 2021, but this is not required when the student loan maturity is due. The specific maturity of student loans is determined between you and the student loan service.


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