Student loan forgiveness boosts Democrats’ influence on campuses, critics blame



Safe Locations, Critical Racial Theory, and Campus Police Waiver. These are just the three pillars of the United States. college experience in 2021.

Now Biden administration faces questions about its desire to add higher education subsidies to this list – amid a new study Bachelor’s applications have dropped since last spring, and experts have begun to scream that campuses are becoming “hotbeds of democratic voters”.

“It is clear that universities have turned sharply to the left over the past few years. I don’t think anyone can disagree with that, ”said Thomas Phillipson, former acting chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) at Trump administration in an exclusive interview with FOX Business.

According to experts such as Phillipson, the reason for this turn to the left is to instill in democratic politics a reliance on progressive measures such as subsidies.

“I believe that public education or government subsidies for student loans – which I think are very similar in terms of financial implications – are just a way to pay future voters who like big government. [happening] on our college campuses, ”continued Phillipson, professor at the School of Public Policy. Harris University of Chicago.


“[The Biden administration] is pushing this direction, presumably because they know that if children go to school, they are more likely to vote for Democrats, ”said a former economic adviser to the George W. Bush administration.

Indeed, President Biden is an advocate of student loan forgiveness. $ 500 million debt relief on Monday… He also discussed the issue at a November press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, shortly after his election victory, when asked about his plans to address the issue.

“It really does figure in my plan, which I laid out in detail,” Biden said. “For example, a law passed by the House of the Democratic Party requires the immediate write-off of student loans in the amount of $ 10,000. It delays people. They have serious problems. They have to choose between paying the student loan or paying the rent. a kind of solution. This must be done immediately. “

Some proponents of progress, however, feel that Biden does not go far enough on this issue and doubt what kind of robbery this is.

“I don’t think that’s enough,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y. said at the virtual town hall event the $ 10,000 figure put forward by Biden.

“We have to push him. I believe in complete cancellation of student loan debt. But we have to push him to the $ 50,000 minimum, which is the senator. [Elizabeth] Warren and Sen. [Chuck] Schumer has also moved forward, “commented the New York MP.


The push concerns Phillipson, who explored the issue during his time at the CEA in the Trump administration. His team found that free public higher education abroad often yields lower returns than more expensive, privately funded education in the United States.

“It seems a bit cryptic: how can something free have a lower return? But what many people overlook is that the highest cost of education is not your tuition; the highest costs in many cases are due to the fact that you are not making money. while you’re in class, ”said former director Becker Friedman of the University of Chicago.

“We compared the Nordic countries, many of which have ‘free’ (tax-funded) education, with education in the United States. Profitability in the US is much higher – sometimes five times higher than in the Nordic countries – which means that education actually translates into higher incomes, which is not so much in the Nordic countries, ”he said.

The battles in higher education have only worsened, with conservatives accusing university administrators and faculty of liberalism, especially when it comes to college subsidies.

“Colleges have become centers of indoctrination for the left,” said Kara Zupkus, a national spokesperson for the Young America Foundation (YAF), which is featured on many US campuses but has complained of gagging from senior management in recent years. “Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift towards coddling students and depriving them of the opportunity to hear a different point of view. These students are essentially running the university, forcing the administrators to give in to their demands or to be labeled “racist, sexist, fanatical.” ”


Zupkus agreed with Philipson that student loan forgiveness is inherently flawed.

“Policies such as forgiving student loans may seem attractive at first glance to a college student, but the implications for our country are dire,” she said. “Many students on campus are simply taught what to think, not how to think – and this leads to a lack of critical thinking skills. Professors have no problem pushing their plans through the class, trying to banish anyone who dares to disagree. “


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