Student loan company is looking for a strategic partner to support technology strategy



The Student Loan Company (SLC) is embarking on procurement to nominate its third strategic partner to provide a broad range of technology change and integration services across the SLC technology group.

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving customer service, SLC has embarked on an ambitious program to transform the business structure and service delivery models used across all SLC businesses, working with strategic technology partners, developing enhanced capabilities while delivering more value from public money.

The company previously completed two competitive procurement events to nominate strategic technology partners to support the development of its customer support services with a focus on application development, platforms and technology services. A third strategic partner will be appointed to provide expertise, services, capabilities and capabilities to support SLC in delivering and expanding a wide range of key internal and external business applications and services, as well as decommissioning legacy services.

Stephen Campbell, CTO at SLC, said: “The strategic partnership model allows us to work with a small number of firms to develop, deliver and support our technology mix and the digital services we deliver to customers. I am pleased with the progress made and am very encouraged by the variety and strength of bidder feedback in the first two rounds of procurement.

“As part of this third procurement, we are looking for a partner with in-depth knowledge of relevant commercial off-the-shelf tools and technologies (COT) and software as a service (SaaS), as well as experience with small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to simplify and fix, include and transform a wide range of key technology services. “

Working with its partners from the Ministry of Education, Decentralized Administrations and the Cabinet of Ministers, SLC has developed a procurement strategy that provides the most appropriate public sector-compatible way to market for each lot under the program, based on the complexity and stability of the services provided. The fourth purchase is expected to be released to the market at the end of September 2021.

For more information, contact the Press Office of the Student Credit Company on 0141 306 2120 /.

Notes to editors

  • Procurement will be conducted through the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) e-procurement portal for Lot 4 of the CCS Technology Services Framework Agreement 3 (TS3), and all relevant communications will be made available to interested parties through this portal.

  • In September, Atos was contracted to support the development of our customer service, and in March, Capgemini was appointed to support the delivery of platforms and technology services.


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