Student Loan Cancellation Facing Serious Setback



A student loan cancellation has just faced major setback.

Here’s what you need to know – and what it means for your student loans.

Student loans

The student loan abolition hit hard not in Congress or with the president, but in court. United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit published Last month’s ruling that could have done it harder repay student loans in bankruptcy. Although this may not affect a one-time action, large-scale student loan cancellation, the ruling may affect any borrower which seeks to cancel student loans in bankruptcy proceedings.

Canceling a Student Loan: How to Pay Off a Student Loan

Over the past few years, there have been several high-profile bankruptcy student loan cancellation cases. For example:

This man received student loans of $ 221,000 in bankruptcy.

The navy veteran had $ 220,000 paid out of his student loans, although he is not unemployed, disabled, or defrauded. A US bankruptcy judge in New York ruled that Kevin J. Rosenberg would not have to repay his student loan debt because it would create unnecessary financial hardship.

This doctor received $ 430,000 in bankruptcy cancellation on a student loan.

Seth Cote, a medical school graduate, secured the cancellation of nearly 99% of his student loan as a result of the student loan repayment in the US bankruptcy court for the Southern District of California. Cote, a graduate of Duke University and Ponce’s nonprofit school of medicine in Puerto Rico, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after not getting a job as a medical resident.

How did these student loan borrowers get their student loan canceled? Traditionally, unlike mortgages or credit card debt, student loans cannot be repaid in bankruptcy. However, there are exceptions, namely if the borrower can prove certain conditions regarding financial hardship.

Student Loan Cancellation: Financial Difficulties

IN Brunner test is a legal test in all federal district courts except the 8th and 1st Circuits. The 8th circuit uses a combination of circumstances, which is similar Brunner, while the 1st circuit has not yet announced a standard. There are differences between district courts, but this is the basic structure.

IN Brunner The standard has three main components:

  1. the borrower has extenuating circumstances that create deprivation;
  2. these circumstances are likely to persist over the life of the loan; as well as
  3. the borrower has made a good faith effort to repay the loan.

If you can prove these three main components, you can qualify for a student loan cancellation in the event of bankruptcy. It is important to note that the student loan borrower is not required to pay the student loan, but must try make payments – for example, trying to find a workable student loan payment plan. To pay off a student loan through bankruptcy, you must file a lawsuit in bankruptcy court, in which the debtor claims that paying off the student loan will create undue hardship for the debtor.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Serious Failure

In recent years, some legal observers have noted a new trend: courts have begun to soften Brunner standard, thereby potentially making it easier for student loan borrowers to cancel the student loan. Last month, the Second District ruled in Tingling, the case that gave the schema that created Brunner standard, the ability to either confirm a high student loan cancellation burden or potentially weaken the standards. The latter could lead to an increase in the number of potential student loan repayments, while the former could restrict student loan borrowers from applying for student loan cancellations through bankruptcy. The second circuit chose the first approach, thus confirmation of the high burden of repayment of student loans in bankruptcy… By this ruling, although the ruling is not binding on other district courts, the second district signals future litigants and courts that Brunner The test is a reasonable test, even if the load is high, and the courts should not be flexible in its application. This is a potential blow to student loan borrowers who were hoping for possible easing Brunner standard.

Student Loan Cancellation: Next Steps

While this court ruling poses a major obstacle to student loan forgiveness, the good news is that Congress may have an impact on student loan cancellation. For example, Congress may amend the US Bankruptcy Code to allow the payment of student loans in the event of bankruptcy. The proposal enjoys bipartisan support, including President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts. It is possible that Congress is acting to facilitate the cancellation of student loans in the event of bankruptcy during this or next presidential term. In the meantime, Congress could still pass a law on a large-scale student loan revocation, although Democrats do not seem to have enough votes at this time. Thus, Democrats in Congress are pressured Biden to accept student loan cancellation by order of the executive branch. Biden asked the US Department of Education to conduct due diligence on his powers to forgive student loans by executive order unilaterally without additional permission from Congress. Biden wants to cancel student loans in three ways… There are also several legal issues and political considerations that led Biden to consider canceling the student loan, although he prefers Congress to cancel the student loan immediately. While most Republicans may not support changing the law allowing the cancellation of student loans in the event of bankruptcy, Democrats can find at least a few Republicans willing to support such efforts.

If you have a student loan, consider your next steps to pay off your student loan. As an alternative to bankruptcy, be sure to consider the following options:

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