Storage rental app’s popularity skyrockets amid Southwest Florida real estate boom



In real estate, it all depends on “location, location, location.” The same rules apply not only to our home, but also to our belongings.

The boom in the real estate market in Southwest Florida also triggered a crisis in the rental market. As more people sell their homes, many move down to smaller rentals until they are ready to make their next purchase.

In the struggle for less space, many are asking the question: where to store their belongings? This question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer in Southwest Florida. Finding available storage units is becoming increasingly difficult.

Joseph Woodbury recognized this problem and found a solution. Woodbury launched Neighbour, a platform where homeowners can rent out their storage space. From garages, attics, bedrooms and even porches, homeowners rent out space to people looking for storage solutions. Users see how a little effort can make a big profit.

“Our hosts make thousands and thousands of dollars on our platform,” Woodbury said.

Whether you’re considering renting out your space or looking for a place to store treasure, Woodbury says people at both ends of the deal are protected: “We certainly protect our tenants by giving a $ 25,000 guarantee on whatever they hold. We insure their belongings, and we protect their owners for up to $ 1 million. ”

Neighborhood is available in every city in the USA.


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