Stephen Ross-Backed Super PAC Fundraiser Helps Beat Progressives in New York Election


Super PAC, heavily funded by billionaire Stephen Ross, broke a record in the New York City Council primaries, a stark reminder of just how strong the real estate industry is in the Big Apple campaign.

Common Sense NYC has raised over $ 2 million since December. Almost half of that came from Ross, who is chairman of the board of the real estate giant, owner of the Miami Dolphins and fundraiser for former President Donald Trump.

The PAC has spent more than $ 550,000 on attacks mainly on progressive Democrats, including those backed by the Democratic Socialists of America, reports from the New York City Campaign Finance Board show. PAC continued to invest in attack advertising 24 hours before June 22, the day of the primaries. Many winners became apparent after weeks of counting ballots for ranking.

The PKK was exclusively against the Democrats. Six of the eight candidates the PKK opposed ended up losing. The group supported 18 candidates, including some Republicans, 13 of whom won.

Democrats who win the New York City primaries often win the November general election. The city council has 51 members, most of whom are Democrats.

The PAC sought to gain recognition for ending progressive campaigns with a wave of attacking ads.

“We are proud that more than three-quarters of the candidates supported by Common Sense NYC and New York City Voters won their election. These candidates are experienced, forward-thinking and pragmatic leaders who have a real vision of improving the quality of life in New York. And in their own communities, “PAC Treasurer Jeff Loeb said in an email on Tuesday.

“Most importantly, most of the candidates who favored no funding for the police lost their election through our intervention, sending a clear message that public safety is critical to the future recovery of New York City.”

Loeb later noted that out of 24 candidates supported by his two external groups – Common Sense NYC and Voters of NYC – 20 won the races. He also earlier told CNBC that Ross and other donors had no operational control over the super-PAC aimed at progressives.

A spokesman for Ross declined to comment.

The City Council creates and votes on proposed New York City laws. Critics argue that the body is too progressive anyway. Eric Adams, the winner of the Democratic mayor’s primaries, is expected to govern as a moderate, which could lead to clashes with the council. Wall Street Executives Spent Over $ 4 Million To Support Adamswho is expected to win the general election.

The Ross-funded PAC did not support Adams.

Ross came under fire in 2019 when he took fundraising in the Hamptons for Trump. Related executives, including Ross, are investors in the luxury fitness brand Equinox. SoulCycle and Equinox remote themselves from Trump’s event, as clients threatened to boycott. According to Forbes, Ross is worth $ 7 billion.

Other real estate and business executives who have supported PAC in this cycle include Ronald Lauder, also billionaire and the youngest son of makeup legend Esti Lauder, who donated $ 500,000. Private equity firm Atlas Equities donated $ 70,000. Elliot Tamir, co-founder of private equity firm Vesper Holdings, donated $ 50,000. A limited liability company affiliated with real estate manager Richard Chera donated $ 7,000.

PAC’s advertisements had nothing to do with real estate, despite being funded by some of the city’s biggest real estate players. According to Democratic strategist Hank Scheinkopf, this strategy clearly worked.

“Find characteristics despised by some of the electorate that don’t include real estate arguments and beat your opponents: that’s the beauty of independent campaigns,” Scheinkopf said.

One of the PAK’s key victories was against Michael Hollingsworth, who ran unsuccessfully for the 35th arrondissement on the city council and was backed by America’s Socialist Democrats. The PAC spent over $ 100,000 against Hollingsworth during his first run.

One of the mailings reviewed CNBC aiming at Hollingsworth for desiring reduce the number of police officers in New York.

“As crime continues to rise, Michael Hollingsworth wants police funding to decrease,” the mailbox said. “We must stop Michael Hollingsworth from depriving the police of funds!” – the mailer notes. Hollingsworth did not respond to a social media post requesting comment.

The PAC spent $ 90,000 to confront Jaslyn Kaur, who ran to represent District 23 and was approved by Alexandria’s progressive Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y. Kaur did not respond to a request for comment. Nonetheless, Kaur quoted the Ross-funded PAC in a tweet about her campaign.

Alexa Aviles, who ran for the 38th arrondissement, was one of the progressive contenders to win despite opposition from the PKK. Common Sense NYC spent $ 65,000 advertising the attacks against it. Ocasio-Cortez also supported her.

Aviles did not respond to a social media post requesting comment.

Attacks on her by a Ross-funded organization can be stopped.

“We do not plan to oppose them in the general election,” Loeb said when asked if they would continue to oppose Aviles and another progressive city council candidate who won the primary. “In New York, most general elections are uncompetitive. We expect that every candidate we supported and won in the primary will also win the general election. ”

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