Station Film’s Brendan Gibbons directs “Cats” into a rocket mortgage



Station Film’s Brendan Gibbons directs “Cats” into a rocket mortgage

While you cannot control your neighbor (or her cats), Rocket Mortgage allows you to control your home loan options. Station Film’s Brendan Gibbons directs “Cats” through Rock Central, showing that there is such a thing as “too many” even for ardent cat lovers. This is Gibbons’ latest work in the ongoing Rocket Bank campaign. Other films he has directed include DIY Landlord, Puppy, and Holes.

“I love working with the guys at Rocket,” Gibbons said. “We always start with great ideas. Their team enjoys collaborating and we never stop writing. It’s energizing on set and fun. “Cats” made a splash, especially considering that we invited two of the best improvisers to play the role of husband and wife. The cats were a little less reliable, but after a good motivational conversation, they put it all together. “


Customer Rocket mortgage Agency Rock Central (internal agency) Casey Hurbis, Director of Marketing; Michael Martin, VP of Brand Marketing; Michael Corbey, Executive Creative Director; Megan England, Sr. campaign manager; Julie Etheridge, Sr. director; Sean Pavleshin, junior creative director, art; Heath Stauffer, junior creative director, copywriter; Rich Chapman, Sr. designer. Production Station Film Brendan Gibbons, director; Caroline Gibney, Stephen Orent, executive producers; Doug Chamberlain, DP; Aaron Rosenblum, line producer. Editorial Hudson Edit Rich Smith, editor.

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