Sperry appoints Sam Suzuki to head New York City’s new finance company



Irvine, California-based Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates have approached New Yorkers Sam Suzuki, Barry Regenstein and Scott Bloom to open a new real estate finance company in the city.

Sperry RE Capital, part of the Sperry family of companies, arranges equity and debt financing for investors, developers and commercial property owners. Suzuki will be CEO, Regenstein will be president, and Bloom will be co-founder and director.

“The launch of Sperry RE Capital is very timed to coincide with the rapid expansion of SperryCGA’s markets and services, based on the transaction trail, which will reach 18 countries by 2024,” said SperryCGA President Mark Hinkins.

“Bringing in an experienced team of capital markets experts is a smart move to match market demand as well as our integrated customer service strategy as a one-stop resource within our global real estate partner platform.”


Suzuki, who is the co-founder, vice chairman and CEO, has run his own Suzuki Capital over the past decade, while concluding development deals in and around New York. As a 35-year industry veteran, he began his career as a mortgage specialist at Dime Savings Bank and climbed the career ladder to join Citibank’s Japanese investment arm for high net worth individuals and eventually formed Vintage Group as Director / CEO for acquiring real estate and converting vacant land into apartment buildings. He has been responsible for over $ 300 million in residential condominium projects in New York, including Loft 14, Number 5 and Clement Clarke.

During his career, he worked with Banker Federal (now JPMorgan Chase), Gotham Bank, Intervest and IDB to acquire $ 200 million in troubled debt during the savings and credit crisis, and worked with Lehman Brothers and private investors to buy troubled debt. for $ 100 million from Korean banks.

Barry E. Regenstein, Co-Founder, President and Chief Financial Officer, has held executive positions at Command Security Corporation, GlobeGround North America, and Hudson General Corporation. He started his career at Coopers & Lybrand in Washington DC, has extensive experience in SEC reporting, is a Certified Public Accountant and has served on the board of directors of several companies.


Bloom, co-founder and CEO of Sperry Capital, is the founder of Bloom Real Estate Group, a real estate consultancy and investment firm specializing in office rental and investment sales. He has been in the commercial real estate services business since 1989 and specializes in real estate debt settlement, construction, multi-family management, retail and housing.

While at Newmark and GVA Williams (Colliers), he specialized in representing tenants and landlords in both the acquisition and the sale of commercial space, primarily in New York. As Managing Director at Newmark, he focused on commercial real estate, where he was in charge of leasing office buildings for almost a decade.

Suzuki said the new Sperry RE Capital will offer structuring alternatives to create an optimal capital structure. “The choice of debt, equity and bridging capital can be the most important and complex component of any real estate transaction and requires experienced professionals with a successful track record,” he said, adding that his team has over 100 years of combined experience.

The Capital Markets division complements SperryCGA’s real estate services and is part of the global expansion strategy being pursued this year.

The firm has grown rapidly since launching an independent real estate platform in 2016. This includes the recent launch of a line of Business Opportunities Sales Services, which has extended SperryCGA’s transactional services beyond traditional real estate transactions to include the sale of a business or the provision of real estate consultancy. property assets.

SperryCGA’s North American partner network has grown to nearly 60 offices as of Q2 2021, giving the company full coverage across the United States.

In 2021, SperryCGA plans to add new franchises in over 20 key markets, including several in the Northeast, New York, California and Texas.

The company recently opened its first international franchise office in Mexico City and is also developing its global partner network in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East through its recently announced partnership with Dubai-based International Real Estate Partners (IREP).

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