South Hills Real Estate Transactions During the Week of June 6, 2021



Baldwin Borough

The trustee of Charles Lutz sold the Cattell Road property to Randall and Judy Ann Lutz for $ 1,200.

Bart Olds sold the property at 5177 Gardenview Road to James McCarthy Jr. and Beverly McCarthy for $ 183,500.

Patricia Lee Raimondo sold the property at 306 Hamlet Ct to Jessica Inn Donato for $ 134,000.

Zachary Bacon sold 5210 Meadowcrest Road to Patrick and Samata None for $ 290,000.

Gerard Eiben sold the property at 2997 Ruthwood Ave. Jeffrey John and Teresa Ann Hollingshead for $ 70,000.

Estate of Helen Oleary has sold the property at 3141 Vernon Ave. Davolis Construction LLC for $ 65,000.

Baldwin Township

William Feinegl sold the property at 958 Highview Road to Gome Poodle and Nandalal Paudel for $ 199,999.

William Foster Jr.’s estate sold the property at 897 Rolling Rock Road to Gardeners Trust # 897 for $ 51,000.


Keith Bogdansky sold the property at 3038-1 / 2 Brentwood Ave. Christopher and Cherie Klee for $ 120,000.

Grace Yawney sold her property at 336 E Francis Ave. Jonathan Greb and Jessica Windeknecht for $ 160,000.

Benjamin Rader sold the property at 4115 Edge Road to Alexander Reber for $ 139,000.

Gabrielle Brinsky sold the 62 Greenlee Road property to Anthony Leaper III and Kelly Leaper for $ 163,755.

Jefferson Hills

Castor Farm Assoc. Inc. sold 4,000 Castor Ln properties to Daniel and Joan Keller for $ 75,000.

Cora’s estate Jean Toucher sold the property at 1039 Gill Hall Road Brown to Mary Ellen Volker for $ 350,000.

Dale Watazicin sold the property at 1332 High Road to Joshua Boutellet for $ 82,000.

Michael Dorrian sold the property at 236 Dub Entrance Drive to Sean and Melanie Lorenz for $ 359,900.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold the property at 431 Spaniel Ln to Brian Morgan Joseph and Anna Rene Masters for $ 390,345.

Pleasant hills

Russell Bush sold the property at 338 Algoma Drive to Sean Riley and Michelle Obiekunas for $ 220,000.


Christie Domostoy sold the property at 119 Audbert Drive to Guragain LD for $ 176,500.

Tomoti Arthur Bickel sold the property at 4738 Baptist Road to Jerome and Kimberly McMonagle for $ 299,900.

Richard Snyder Jr. sold the Cherryvale Drive 5128 property to Jason and Jacqueline Blau for $ 172,500.

Joseph Switalski Jr. sold the property at 5330 Greenridge Drive to Kevin Dieterle and Nicole Ronik for $ 163,000.

Anthony Machi sold the property at 13 Hennig Drive to Marco Giuntini for $ 166,900.

Penn Cove Group Capital Acquisitions LLC sold 120 Providence Way property to NVR Inc. for $ 225,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 152 Providence Way Tejas Rane and Ambica Dev for $ 352,440.

NVR Inc. sold property at 154 Providence Way to Christine Kondroth for $ 301,440.

The Estate of Louis Scenna sold the property at 4813 Sherwood Drive in Ritu Rai and Khina Gurung for $ 182,900.

Jonathan Lippert sold 378 Streets Run Road to Dhan Pokhrel and Parbati Lamichhane for $ 230,500.

Rita Wagli sold the property at 1203 Varner Road to Bhagi Rat Acharya and Uma Sharma for $ 196,000.

Ashley Wood sold 4600 Veman Road to Nicholas and Jamie Makurakam for $ 290,000.

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